What is Digital Marketing

A lot has changed in marketing over the past decade. Traditional mediums of promoting and advertising are still (relatively) rampant, but the introduction of digital marketing options has shifted the landscape. Technology has ushered in a new age of digital marketing, and it’s proven itself as one of the most effective avenues thus far.

People who have been in the business for a long time may find it hard to handle this transition. If you are one of them, you probably find yourself missing the “good ol’ days” where it was possible to get by with just referrals and not much else.

While your frustration is understandable, digital marketing actually has a lot of benefits. It gives businesses of all sizes the ability to run marketing campaigns that are easy to track, manage, and implement. These campaigns also have a much higher ROI in comparison to many of their traditional counterparts.

We’ll get into the other benefits in a minute. For now, let’s start with the basics.

Digital Marketing: An Overview

Digital marketing is a pretty broad term, but it generally refers to the promotion of brands and products through different forms of electronic media. Compared to traditional marketing, it utilizes methods that allow an organization to evaluate campaigns and check what works and what doesn’t – all in real-time.

The list of tasks digital marketers do is a heady one. It includes monitoring sales conversions, checking what gets views, knowing what kind of content works, and so on.

Digital marketing is closely associated with the internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s exclusive to it. Some other avenues include mobile apps, digital television and radio channels, electronic billboards, wireless text messaging, podcasts, etc.

Digital Marketing: The Importance

What is Digital Marketing1

By leveling the online playing field, digital marketing offers equal opportunities for all kinds of businesses. Way back when, when traditional marketing was only really achievable by big businesses and multinational corporations, small businesses typically struggled with the cost and manpower of a simple marketing campaign.

Needless to say, digital marketing evens the odds.

Now, small- and medium-sized firms have the chance to compete against well-established companies – in terms of marketing – and attract their own share of traffic. In addition to better conversion rates from successful campaigns, digital marketing also offers great revenue. This means further support for digital advertising strategy optimization.

Another benefit is wider reach. Digital marketing makes it possible to connect with more people using digital avenues (versus traditional channels). Through electronic means, feedback and comments from satisfied customers can be utilized to attract new clients.

But! Be aware that it works both ways. One very unhappy and very vocal customer can ruin all your hard work. Remember to provide good, highly responsive customer care service for potentially unsatisfied clients.

Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency

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