Link Building

What is Link Building?

Simply put, it’s strength in numbers connecting like-minded businesses to one and other to improve their online presence.

Through link building, you stand a chance to create connections, spread quality content, and build a network of similar businesses—all of which can greatly improve your brand’s reputation and online presence.

Link Building makes a lot of sense to smart marketers. This is why link building remains one of the top search engine optimization strategies employed by marketers the world over.

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Share Quality Content. Build Connections. Improve Your Search Engine Results Page Rank.

Think of hyperlinks as streets that connect one area of cyberspace to the other. If there isn’t a road connecting Website A to Website B, the chances of being found are very unlikely.

Interest in link building started ramping up in 2013 and has gradually increased year after year. In fact, 2017-2018 saw massive growth in link building tactics.

Today, 65% of marketers spend $1000 or more on link building every month.

When asked, 90% of marketers admitted they use content as a way to earn links. And on that note, content-based link building is considered to be the most effective tactic.

Link building is essentially building connections. Including links to top-quality websites or highly informative and well-constructed pieces of content can cast your website in a positive light. What’s more, high ranking websites might return the favor and link back to your page. This effectively improves your reputation in a search engine’s eyes and can consequently bump up your place on the Search Engine Results Page.

It’s time to flip the switch and build connections within your industry with Link Building. Talk with Leads Ngin today.

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