Directory Listing Management

Without Directory Listing Management, old and out of date information representing your business is served up all over the internet, daily.

Any of these situations over the life of your business can compromise how potential customer see you online.

We here at Leads Ngin, Inc. connect with hundreds of online listing groups and update your business information across the web, then continually guard your information and reputation all over the internet.

Directory Listing Management
(Up to 300 Listings)
Low Flat Rate of
$199 per month
  • Directory Listing Creation
  • NAP Syndication (Name, Address, Phone Number)
    Consistency Check among Existing Directories
  • Directory Listing Management

List Your Business. Improve Your Visibility. Capture Your Local Market.

Think globally, act locally. With how dependent people have gotten on the internet—specifically search engines—for information, this age-old saying has never been more relevant. People instinctively turn to their smartphones the moment there are products, services, or events that they need but can’t find.

Online stores may be more popular now than they were ten, fifteen years ago, but nothing beats the sense of security that a physical location can give. If you have an office or storefront that people can actually visit, you need to list your business locally.

We can help.

SERP Ranking. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is your place on the search engine results page is crucial. People will usually just pay attention to the first couple returns. If you’re at the bottom of the page, chances are they won’t notice you at all.

Mobile Optimization. If your business listing is one of the first few results, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. In this on-the-go society, people won’t have the patience to read through a website that doesn’t adjust to their screen.

Verification. There are hundreds of internet directories that can double as verification sources. For instance, Google, may match the data on your listing to the business data on your website, Facebook page, or Yahoo! listing. The more accurate and up-to-date the data is, the more viable and trustworthy your business appears in Google’s eyes.

People value their time, and having a local business that they can get to in less than five minutes is a godsend for most. As long as you’re visible to your local community, you can guarantee repeat sales and returning customers.

It is time to flip the switch and increase visibility with Directory Listing Management. Talk with Leads Ngin today.

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