Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until After the Holidays to Hire an SEO Company


The holidays are a confusing, convoluted season for business owners and marketers. While many industries—especially retail and ecommerce—stand to benefit greatly from the seasonal shift in online purchases and product research, just as many businesses consider the last few months of the year to be their slow season. As a result, they often pull back on their marketing efforts simply because they don’t think it’s worth it.

But contrary to popular belief, the holidays aren’t the time to slow your marketing efforts. If anything, they present the perfect opportunity to focus on your marketing because business/productivity can be so slow. So instead of waiting until after the holidays to hire an SEO company, it’s in your best interest to work with one before the end of the year.

And here’s why:

You Can Still Engage Consumers Through Social Media Channels

Why You Shouldn't Wait Until After the Holidays to Hire an SEO CompanyPeople may not be visiting your website as much during the holidays—especially if the services you offer aren’t exactly holiday-inclined—but that doesn’t mean you can’t still engage with your audience. By keeping in contact with them through social media platforms, you are able to keep your brand in their mind.

Aside from the fact that constant communication nourishes healthy consumer-brand relationships (which will prove beneficial in the long run), you also drastically improve the chances of them remembering you and turning to you first should they ever need your services during the holidays.

By working with an SEO company to optimize your social media channels and social posts for the holidays, you increase the chances of this happening even more.

Don’t forget about simple SEO strategies like using holiday-related keywords in your social posts or updating your profile’s About Info to account for the seasonal changes (like new opening/closing hours, offering 24-hour online support, etc.). These can make a big difference in offsetting your lean months, too.


You Can Optimize On-Page Content for Holiday Keywords

SEO CompanyIf you produce regular on-page content, you’re already halfway to implementing a great SEO strategy. Online research practically doubles during the holidays due to unique seasonal events (i.e., Christmas, Thanksgiving, vacations, etc.). Most people end up searching for answers to questions they wouldn’t normally ask any other time of the year.

For instance, as we enter the winter months, homeowners might start leaving their heaters on for longer periods of time. Others might consider installing newer upgraded models of their current heating units to better combat the weather. Consequently, they might start searching articles regarding heater maintenance, safety, or recommendations.

If your business is based in the HVAC industry, you stand to benefit from such searches by optimizing your on-page content to include keywords that reflect these seasonal search terms.

For instance, “furnace maintenance,” “furnace maintenance in winter,” and “furnace snow buildup” might become popular search terms due to homeowners not wanting to overwork or overheat their units.

On the other hand, “best furnace brands” or “best central heating,” might get just as many hits due to homeowners wanting to install new or better heating systems. Whatever the case may be, you’d be remiss to not use this to your advantage.

Any experienced SEO company should be able to help you figure out the best keywords for the holidays in regards to your services and help you implement them in your on-page content.

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As long as yours is the first piece of related content people read, you stay relevant and on their minds—even during the lean months.

You Can Optimize Your Website for Mobile Viewing

Mobile consumption is no longer a rising trend, but—essentially—the new norm. People are more likely to watch videos, access social media content, and use search engines on their mobile devices. It’s quicker, it’s easier, and it’s just so much more convenient than using desktops or PCs.

That being said, optimizing your website for mobile viewing is yet another marketing strategy you can invest in to prepare your business for the holidays. Work with an SEO company to make your website mobile-friendly, and you’ll be surprised by how many hits you get during your supposed “slow months.”

As we mentioned earlier, the holidays present unique events and opportunities that don’t typically manifest throughout the rest of the year, like extensive product research and an increase in online purchases. And continuing with the example we used earlier, HVAC companies may even experience an increase in calls or queries regarding furnace maintenance or HVAC unit installations.

In the case of emergencies or last-minute situations, homeowners are more likely to whip out their phones (not their laptop) to consult an expert. So if your website isn’t optimized for mobile consumption, people are most likely going to skip you in favor of a site that’s easier to navigate on a smartphone.

Hiring and working with an SEO company before the holidays fully hit is a great way to keep your brand name strong and relevant throughout your otherwise “slow season.” As long as yours is a prominent name or brand on social media channels and the SERPs (search engine results page), people will immediately remember you should they ever need your specific services, slow month or no.