Why Search Engine Marketing is Necessary for General Contractors


In today’s business climate, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a necessity for every business competing for visibility and sales. This is especially true for a billion dollar industry like construction where revenues are expected to skyrocket to $1.4 trillion by 2021 in the US alone. With the residential market boosting the construction industry, it’s imperative that general contractors conquer the number one sales avenue – the online market. 

If you don’t think that search engine marketing is the best way to boost your clientele, here are several reasons to debunk that.

Increase Brand awareness

The global market is at an upward trend for construction spending and your business shouldn’t be casted off the top results of SERP where most the traffic accumulates. With a strategically planned SEM, your website is bound to attract visitors, ultimately increasing your ranks in the SERP, with – of course – the use of SEO marketing tactics.

You can implement your planned SEM through the use of organic results, contextual advertisements, paid searches, combinations of the three, or all. With your services and products strategically placed out there in the number one business avenue, you’ll surely benefit with the growing residential market trend… provided you’ve implemented a thriving SEM campaign.

An increase in brand awareness encourages customer engagement which will reflect on your web traffic and click-through rates.

Spikes Web Traffic

website trafficA growth in brand awareness reflects website traffic; the more people hear – or read in most online scenarios – about you, the more they want to know you. Thanks to SEM, you have content worth visiting and clicking and pages easily crawled by Google’s search engine bots. 

Traffic on your site is important, be it for mere online window shopping or consultation and quoting. When people visit your website, it potentially means you have something to offer that they want. More so, it gives you the chance to pitch your sales through tempting deals and specialized content.

Soars Click-through rates

Click-through rates are used to measure customer engagement and overall success of your campaign. When your campaign becomes successful, it inevitably translates into more click-through rates. Thanks to these numbers, you’re able to know how effective your campaign is and which ads lead to conversion. 

CTRs aren’t just important for the numbers they crunch; they’re also very helpful in understanding your consumer’s needs. With an estimated 1 million new homes in 2018 alone, your role as general contractors move from builders to researchers as well; your consumers’ behavior is a must-know to help you understand what they currently want and need and forecast their future necessities you can supply.    

Boosts Leads

With giant corporations like Bechtel, Turner, Fluor Corp, and the like in the market, it’s important to increase your chances for visibility anywhere and any way you can. Small to medium scale contractor services have a fighting chance in the online market with a consumer-centric search, where you can boost your online presence through rigorous SEM implementation. 

Because SEM’s duty is to increase web traffic and recognition, its phases eventually generates more CTRs, resulting to more lead generation. By the end of an effective SEM, you’re able to weed out customers from the rest and supply services and products as needed.

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Sells Your Services and Products

With a whopping $1.23 billion worth of construction services in 2017 alone, making yourself known to the industry is important to maintain and surge the life-blood of your business. SEM, in simpler terms, is your online marketing propeller; it boosts your presence, web traffic, and leads eventually thrusting your sales.

Thanks to SEM, you can follow a systemic and versatile approach in efficiently selling your services and products. It follows a unique strategy that centers on visibility, usability, and user experience. A proficient combination of these three make up a SEM campaign that’s able to sell your brand and your services and products.      

A competitive Search Engine Marketing is your Holy Grail. Pre-conventional sales are outdated and competing in the brand new market is mandatory if you wish to keep your businesses afloat. Arm your commerce with the best SEM campaign and take over the market with diligence and strategy in due time.