Why Blogging is an Absolute Must for Online Lead Generation

Why Blogging is an Absolute Must for Online Lead Generation

Despite the numerous forms of digital content—videos, podcasts, and the like—blogging has remained a strong, steady contender in marketing and lead generation strategies. In fact, there are hundreds of big businesses and established brands that religiously publish new blogs posts once or twice a week despite having a fairly large consumer base already.

Blogging is considered an extremely important aspect—if not the most important aspect—of content marketing in terms of organic lead generation. It’s capable of achieving numerous benefits that other content marketing tools simply cannot. And according to recent research, it can bring in 67% more leads.

Who’s crazy enough to turn that number away?

All that aside, the next three points will hopefully be enough to clearly answer the title of this particular post. What’s the deal with blogging, and why is it an absolute must for online lead generation?

Keywords Play a Key Role

Search Engine Optimization is yet another powerful marketing aspect that many brands and businesses subscribe to. Given how dependent our generation is on search engines like Google, it makes sense that any system tapping into the wealth of data available on that platform is worth utilizing.

Enter SEO—a strategy that does exactly that.

By using certain keywords and sprinkling them strategically throughout your blogs, SEO can increase your site’s SERP (search engine results page) rank. This, in turn, can greatly improve online lead generation.

How so?

When conducting a search, users are more likely to click on the first several returned results.

(No one visits the second page anymore.)

In fact, if your website is listed as the first or second result, you can expect more than half of the users to visit your page, trusting that Google recognizes you as the most relevant solution. In other words, the higher your Google SERP rank, the higher the chances are of people visiting your website.

And here are a couple stats to get you excited, sales-wise:

Research shows that 18% of local mobile searches lead to an online purchase within 24 hours. 78% of local mobile searches, on the other hand, lead to offline purchases.

You are the Solution

Why Blogging is an Absolute Must for Online Lead Generation1When people are faced with a problem, they often turn to the web for the answer. From something as simple as wanting to know if a restaurant is good, to something as complicated as English paper research, people depend on—and believe in—what’s published on the net.

(Within reason, of course.)

Through blogging, you’re able to provide valuable information to those seeking answers—especially those at the top of your sales funnel. Blogging establishes you as an authority in your current field and as a credible source of information.

Picture this: there’s a young 20-something woman who’s still struggling with acne. She’s been to several dermatologists and tried several intensive skin care regimes to no avail. She’s reached the point where money is starting to become an issue and the lifelong battle is taking a toll. All she really wants is a simple and sustainable skincare regimen, or an affordable product that gets results.

Let’s say you sell organic skincare products, and your facial wash contains the exact ingredients her skin needs to combat the oil.

By posting regular blogs about skincare—i.e., product reviews, skin-friendly fruits and veggies, ideal skincare regimens for different skin types, best makeup for specific skin types, etc.—the chances of her stumbling upon your website increase. After reading a couple of your blog posts and deciding that you definitely know what you’re talking about, she decides to try your product.

The rest is history.

Crazy Conversions through CTA

The call-to-action (or CTA) is perhaps yet another underrated lead generation tool that many marketers overlook. When paired with a blog, it is extremely powerful.

As mentioned earlier, your website can serve as a credible source of information. Using the same example as in the previous section, think of it this way: the frustrated young woman discovers your page for the first time. Your blog content serves to guide her through the initial problem-resolution stage, or the discovery stage. Simple but powerful CTAs at the end of your blog posts, like “experience organic skincare for yourself!” or “click here to try oil-free organic makeup!”, will get her curious enough to navigate over to your online store.

Just like that, you make a sale.

As long as the information you provide is valuable, your content is primed for a CTA that points towards the ultimate solution. Depending on the situation, that ultimate solution could be free marketing materials (an in-depth case study, a whitepaper, a 30-day guide, etc.) or your actual product/offer.

Here are some tips on how to create text CTAs your visitors won’t be able to resist!

It’s also important to note that regular blog posting keeps your page fresh and novel—and Google loves novel. New content plays a huge role in Google’s SERP algorithm. As long as you’re regularly updating your website, Google views you as a favorable, trustworthy website.

Ultimately, blogging is an absolute must for your online lead generation efforts because it provides your site with fresh content. It also gives you a platform to utilize SEO strategies and CTAs. And, lastly, it helps you establish your authority and credibility with consumers in your industry.