What Is Hyperlocal SEO? [FAQ]

What is Hyper Local SEO?

Much like ourselves, SEO tactics are not all the same.

With Google continuously evolving to find ways to provide relevant results, naturally, so is how you use SEO. Many may be more familiar with the traditional local SEO, but now there is a newer way to optimize search results: with hyperlocal SEO.

While both local and hyperlocal SEO are beneficial, you might find the hyperlocal SEO can help your business and its online ranking exponentially.

Understanding the Difference Between Local vs Hyperlocal SEO

Chances are you already know that local SEO’s purpose is to help business’s online presence by enhancing their Google ranking for locally specific searches. For example, if you are in need of something from the grocery store, you may search “[City] grocery store.”

After applying the business location and SEO, results will often yield a list of stores in the city for you to choose from along with any other relevant information. While local SEO is certainly beneficial for both businesses and the consumer, it is not the only option out there anymore.

Hyperlocal SEO may not be a term you have heard of before, but the concept is simple. It essentially takes local SEO a step further by using the same optimization for smaller locations such as streets, spots, and neighborhoods.

This is especially important with several people using their phones nowadays to search for almost everything.

To meet the consumers’ need, Google has stepped up their game when providing results which will require hyperlocal SEO to help you be found. For example, say someone is driving around and their car breaks down. Chances are they will not search for a repair shop in the area. Instead, they need a shop that is closest to their location.

When searching for such a shop, they would type in “repair shop near me” which then takes their exact location, then pulls up a suitable business that doesn’t require them to travel far. If you want your business to be front and center for the search results, your ranking has to be higher than other businesses, which can be achieved through hyperlocal SEO.

How to Get Your Business Started with Hyperlocal SEO

There are several benefits that come with utilizing hyperlocal SEO which we will go in-depth on another blog, but it is good to know that you don’t have to wait to use hyperlocal SEO. You can begin by applying the following steps below to enhance your ranking, stand out from the competition, and help your chances of being found in search results today.

Create a Google My Business Account

What is Hyper Local SEO-BodyTypically you have to pay for important things, but luckily, creating a Google My Business account is completely free.

Your profile will allow Google to show potential customers imperative attributes such the name of your business, operating times, and much more at just a glance. This is very useful since many who search for places on their phone need quick results.

By having all your information up and ready on this platform, customers will know exactly what to expect and will more than likely be drawn to your business. This tool also provides analytics and insights to show you how well your online presence is so you can decide what works best for you.

Add Hyperlocal Terms to Your Website

Just like when using local SEO, you need to make sure you have the right keywords on your website, so you can be better found. For hyperlocal SEO, go through your website and update your current local keywords with smaller geographical areas such as neighborhoods and streets.

Include Your Information in Multiple Directories

This may seem like a time-consuming step, but it is still equally important. Once you have finished the other steps, consider verifying your location on other platforms such as Google+, Yellowbook, Yelp, and more to achieve even better results.

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Because Google continues to flourish as the greatest search engine, it’s imperative that your business adapts to the way it finds relevant results, so you have a better chance at being found. Apply hyperlocal SEO tactics today and start seeing results tomorrow!