Why Should Hyperlocal SEO Matter to You

Notebook with Tolls and Notes about SEO

Now more than ever, SEO has appeared in the spotlight to be an essential marketing tool that helps businesses succeed. If you don’t understand how it works entirely, don’t worry. All you need to know is that SEO helps your business be found on search engines by making your site relevant through different optimizing tactics. Essentially, it knows how to get Google to focus on your business. While many who are new to the SEO world (or well-seasoned) may have heard of local SEO, hyperlocal SEO has been making a name for itself. You may have read a little about what hyperlocal SEO is in our previous blog, but now you can explore more about why it should matter to you and your business today.

It Helps You Get Noticed

Hyperlocal SEO is different from local SEO in the sense that it helps narrow down searches to a few relevant results rather than a general overview. For example, when looking for a barbecue restaurant in Nashville, you may have multiple results with various restaurant locations that serve barbecue around Nashville (local SEO). However, if you look up a barbecue restaurant nearby, Google will use your current location to determine relevant barbeque restaurants within the area rather than city (hyperlocal SEO). Because of this, businesses have a greater chance at being noticed than before.

It Helps You Defeat Competition

Unfortunately, businesses can become overshadowed by others (especially those that utilize local SEO) when it comes to search results regardless of how nice they are. Because local SEO gives more broad results, some businesses could fall between the cracks if they do not contain the proper keywords and such that Google looks for. However, hyperlocal SEO takes local SEO a step further by making sure the right businesses are front and center for the consumer’s needs. Therefore, if you are a small pizza shop that uses hyperlocal SEO, chances are you will be found quicker than your more well-known competitor. If you are more relevant to the consumer, they probably won’t care that the other place has a higher ranking in search results if they have to drive across town for a slice of pizza rather than walk around the corner for an equally nice meal.

It’s the Next Big Thing

Search Seo Online Internet Browsing Web ConceptIt’s a well-known fact that Google continues to evolve throughout the years to better suit consumers and their needs. Their drive to be better than their competitors is why for many years it has been considered the “top dog” of search engines. Because Google understands that more people perform searches on their mobile phones nowadays, they have taken this knowledge to create a new way to determine what are relevant results. To adapt to their new ranking system, you will want to incorporate hyperlocal SEO which, at its core, is for mobile device users. If you do not understand or utilize hyperlocal SEO, chances are your business will not be found or it will be difficult to find your business. Avoid this by “getting with the times” and start using hyperlocal SEO today.

If you really want your business to be noticed, the best thing you can do for yourself is to incorporate hyperlocal SEO. While it may not be the solution to everything, it certainly will help you in the long run.