What Are the Best SEO Services for Small Businesses?

What Are the Best SEO Services for Small Businesses?

Search engine optimization (or SEO, as we all know it) works for businesses of any size and any industry. It is not exclusively useful for just small businesses or just e-commerce brands. Any enterprise looking to improve their traffic and lead generation numbers can benefit greatly from SEO.

For this particular post, however, we’ll be looking into the best forms of small business SEO services that more localized brands can benefit from.

Don’t get us wrong; every SEO service is highly beneficial. However, in marketing, specificity will always beat generalization. It’s better to invest your resources in just one or two marketing strategies rather than spread yourself thin trying to hit them all.

That being said, take a look at our top three SEO services for small business.

#1 Backlinking/Link Building

For those of you fairly new to SEO, a backlink is basically a link on your website that “links back” (hence the name) to your source material.

Every link on your page that leads to an authoritative, high-quality website adds credibility to both your website and the website being linked to. What’s more, backlinking to authoritative sites may encourage them to reciprocate and leave a backlink to your page, too. This, in turn, can greatly improve your organic traffic rate.

Dozens of SEO tools—like SEO Yoast and Google’s own algorithm—consider backlinks to be a crucial deciding factor in a website’s ranking. And aside from being part of SEO best practices, crediting and linking to your information source proves your integrity, consequently doing wonders for your online reputation.

Yep—its pretty much a win-win situation for all parties involved.

#2 Keyword Research

What Are the Best SEO Services for Small Businesses1Most small business SEO services include keyword research. This is because keywords play a vital part in search engine optimization. They can make or break your website’s rankings, your business’s marketing campaigns, and your brand’s overall online engagement.

Before you launch any SEO project, you need to know which keywords you should target. A good rule of thumb is to target one or two unique keywords per domain page. That means that you need to decide which keywords cover the main aspects of your business and then create enough domain pages to target them all.

What does this mean?

Let’s say you’re a marketing agency in Los Angeles, California, that primarily offers SEO services to small, local brands. You’d want keywords that cover this description i.e., keywords like Los Angeles marketing agency, SEO marketing Los Angeles, CA, small business SEO services, local marketing agency, small business marketing, and local SEO company.

Remember; the more specific, the better.

If you aren’t sure what keywords you want to rank for, you can always turn to professional SEO consulting services. They can help you choose keywords based on factors like:

  • Relevance
  • Commercial intent
  • Commonly searched in targeted areas
  • Not commonly searched in surrounding areas
  • Highly competitive
  • Barely competitive

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#3 On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization goes hand-in-hand with keyword research and keyword usage. Because search engine algorithms are extremely intuitive, we sometimes forget that they’re nothing more than a couple lines of code. They can’t really read a page’s content; they simply crawl through it and take note of specific elements (read: keywords) in order to get the gist of what the page is all about.

Any international or local SEO company will know how important it is to optimize existing pages so that search engines like Google will understand the page’s content just as well as your audience can. This includes inserting keywords, modifying the structure, double-checking the technical underpinnings, and so on.

Page optimization is actually one of the best small business SEO services available because of how affordable it is. It costs much less to optimize an existing page than it does to create a keyword-optimized page from scratch. It also takes much less time, since most modifications tend to be minor. For example:

  • Edit the title (and title tag) to include the keyword
  • Edit the title to make it more attractive (more click-worthy)
  • Optimize the link anchor text
  • Add captions or notations to images
  • Lengthen shorter articles/blog posts

Of course, these three small business SEO services are not the only options out there. Some honorable mentions: meta tags and alt attributes, social media sharing, and technical auditing. These are worth looking into (and possibly investing in) as well. Regardless of what you choose, as long as proper research is done beforehand and the right steps are taken to ensure proper implementation, success is pretty much guaranteed.