Top 4 Strategies for Connecting With Your Buyer Persona

Top 4 Strategies for Connecting With Your Buyer Persona

There are a lot of different strategies to marketing your business online and increasing traffic to your website. Most online marketing newcomers make the mistake of jumping from one technique to another, wanting to try them all. However, the industry veterans know that only a few methods actually do work.

With the ease of accessibility brought by the internet today, reaching out to your target audience is much easier than before. The only problem is that it’s also gradually becoming more complex and convoluted. You can drive organic traffic to your website and generate leads, but unless those leads are high-converting or high-quality, the chances of them becoming actual consumers are very slim.

To help you really connect with your buyer persona online, here are 4 tips to take note of.

1. Become active on social media.

One powerful way to drive the right customers to your website is by promoting content on social media. Through social media promotion, it’s easy to reach more people.

However! It is worth noting that someone who is just starting out with social media might find it a bit difficult at first to find and connect with people. If your brand typically isn’t active on social media or doesn’t interact too much with your existing followers, it might be best to analyze the landscape first to see how receptive your market is to your social media presence.

If things are looking good, work with professionals or get trained on how to manage your social media and become more active on it.

2. Invest in video marketing

Top 4 Strategies for Connecting With Your Buyer Persona1Another great way to attract high-quality leads to your website is via video marketing. Create a series of video tutorials online that can help someone in a specific area of life that is related to the business you are currently doing.

We know that YouTube is the go-to platform for videos, but experiment with other video hosting sites like Vimeo and Wistia, just to see which one works better for your brand and target market.

When you offer something that adds value to your audience, it’s much easier to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field. Your authenticity consequently attracts an authentic following.

3. Guest post to offer free content to your audience.

Not all business people realize this, but giving out free content through guest posting is a highly underestimated method of generating highly convertible leads. At least two to three well-written blogs can generate a good amount of interest—just be sure you’re offering real insight and not a subtly-written sales pitch.

You should include hard-to-get information to give each article real value and make yourself known as an industry expert. After completing an article, don’t forget to write a short bio paragraph at the bottom of the page. It should include a short section about you, your brand, and—most importantly—a link to your official website.

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4. Use PPC advertising for quick and cost-effective traffic.

You can always ramp up the traffic to your website is by conducting a PPC campaign. The only difference is that this time, you should be working on a much larger scale.

We highly recommend using Google AdWords or Bing as your main PPC engine. Google especially is the #1 PPC platform; no surprise there, considering it’s perhaps the most-used search engine. Google AdWords also allows you to target a specific demographic, which will be a huge help in connecting with your buyer persona.

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Organization is key if you want to succeed. Be sure to stay organized and offer quality material to gain new leads and eventually convert those leads to customers. While the above tips help, we suggest you do proper research as well to understand and master the strategies in depth.