Top 3 False Expectations Clients Have of their Digital Marketing Company

Top 3 False Expectations Clients Have of their Digital Marketing Company

Nowadays, most businesses—especially startups—work with a digital marketing company to handle their content and strategies. Bigger brands usually use a mix of both third-party agencies and in-house talent for best results.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions and unrealistic expectations surrounding the world of digital marketing. Marketers and influencers tend to hype what they do—and what they can do for you—for the sake of selling their services. And while this “best foot forward” approach is pretty standard in any industry, the publicity has blurred the line between reality and the best case scenario.

To set the record straight, we’ve listed the three most common unrealistic expectations business owners are wont to place on any digital marketing company. Take a look.

For Best Results, We Need to Create Content Every Day

Mashable, Buzzfeed, Popsugar, The Washington Post—all these big news and media companies put out a ton of content daily. We’re talking dozens of articles, quizzes, videos, social media posts, etc. And it definitely works for them, considering the sheer numbers they manage to pull every month.

This quantity-based approach can indeed incite some form of engagement from hundreds of thousands of people. But does this mean it’ll work for you?

Not necessarily.

As with most things in marketing, the success of this strategy depends on a lot of factors. What worked for these big brands won’t necessarily work for you due to the difference in typical audience, target market, available resources, and so on.

Unfortunately, a lot of business owners partner up with a digital marketing company and expect them to publish 15 to 20 pieces of content for them in a day. And the reality is that not a lot of digital marketing companies have the means to do that, and do it well. Focus on putting out value rather than just content. Pieces that resonate with the people who matter (aka your target market) are the ones that encourage deeper engagement.

After Your Website Has Been Optimized, It Can Be Left Alone

Top 3 False Expectations Clients Have of their Digital Marketing Company1Yet another false expectation most businesses have is regarding their website. Once they work with a digital marketing company to redesign their website and optimize its search engine potential, they assume that the website is “done,” and they can just sit back and let it bring in the sales, the organic traffic, and the highly convertible leads.

We do believe that your website should be your #1 salesperson. However, we do not believe that your website should ever truly be left alone. There will always be a need for constant nurturing and constant improvement.

Yes, websites can be optimized to require very little hands-on maintenance, but regular performance checks are a must. Viable results take time and dedication. And if you want to stand out? You need to aim for consistent improvement.

When you find a system that works for your website, you can’t just leave it as is and expect it to deliver the same results, year in and year out. Trends are constantly changing. People are constantly evolving. An approach that attracts 15,000 active users a day won’t bring in the same number six, twelve months down the line without some tweaks and updates along the way.

So when your website no longer converts the way it did, don’t be afraid to approach your digital marketing company again and request a website redesign.

Working With a Digital Marketing Company Should Give Me Instant Results

Which is better; instant fame, or sustainable success?

Technology has truly improved by leaps and bounds, but the speed with which it delivers has developed a demand for instant gratification. People want to watch movies, read books, and buy items now, and they have very little patience for delays.

Remember back then when people would open YouTube videos and actually allow them to load?

Imagine that happening today.

This “I want it now” attitude has, unfortunately, trickled into the professional field. Business owners and managers, regardless of their situations, expect immediate results. And when that doesn’t happen? They pick at the system and declare it broken.

Working with a professional digital marketing company is indeed more efficient—and thus, can save you more time—than building an in-house marketing team from the ground up.

But you can’t just launch a brand new marketing strategy and expect your numbers to double—or triple!—within one week. Attracting, connecting, nurturing, and (finally) selling are all stages that take time. There are no shortcuts to success, but taking one usually means you compromise the genuineness and integrity of your marketing.

If you want things done right, give them time.

All in all, optimism is always a good thing. We don’t discourage goal setting. What we do advise against is setting unrealistic goals. If you want to keep your budget, your timeline, and your resources in check, start with your expectations. Working with a digital marketing company can be extremely rewarding as long as you understand what they can and can’t do for you.