Top 10 Inbound Marketing Questions and Answers!


When companies are looking for help with inbound marketing, I’m often the first point-of-call to answer those tricky questions as a marketing manager. It’s actually completely natural for businesses to have questions about inbound marketing because the digital marketing industry is changing and developing rapidly.

Want to know more?

Here are the top 10 most frequently asked and important questions about inbound marketing I see that every business should know.

1.  What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a response to the more ‘in-your-face’ traditional paid advertising that interrupts your customer’s daily lives to promote your product. It’s a reversal of this approach… which makes your ideal customers actually want to come to your website and learn more about doing business with you.

It’s called inbound because clients are ‘drawn in’ to working with you, rather than you always having to ‘go out’ to find them.

2.  Is Inbound Marketing the Same as Digital Marketing/Content Marketing?

Inbound marketing uses both digital technology and content marketing to produce outstanding results. Inbound marketing is more of a methodology which uses a wide range of techniques, include digital marketing and content marketing, to produce better results for you.

3.  Why Does Inbound Marketing Change So Much?

Best practices and techniques for inbound marketing change so much because the online environment and marketing industry are so fast-paced. With every trend, piece of new information, and update from search engines, inbound marketing techniques need to adapt and change to stay ahead of the game. This is why working with an experienced and knowledgeable marketing professional who’s up to date with the latest technology can help.

4.  How Often Should I Write A Blog?

Female writer typing using laptop keyboard at her workplace in the morning. Woman writing blogs online, side view close-up pictureWhen it comes to updating your content, it really depends on the nature of your business and your marketing strategy. Research has shown that up to 11 blogs a month will increase site traffic, but you want to focus on quality over quantity. Again, working with a marketing professional can help you tailor a solution based on your needs and resources.

5.  What Do I Need to Succeed with Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to inbound marketing, the basic elements for growth should include a marketing strategy plan, marketing automation or tools, and a way to measure and evaluate ROI, whether that’s from lead volume, traffic, or ultimately increased sales.

6.  How Much Should I Invest in Inbound Marketing?

This once again depends on your business and your goals. A good inbound marketing agency will be able to develop a specific quote for your business but to get real results, most businesses spend around 55% of their marketing budget on ongoing inbound marketing consulting and management.

7.  How Do I Know If Inbound Marketing Is Working?

Just like any marketing strategy, inbound marketing needs to be measured. Look at your current lead volume, lead quality, and traffic, and then compare these and other KPIs to your results after implementing inbound marketing. Inbound marketing takes some time to yield results, but you can eventually ascertain the dollar value of your inbound marketing ROI.

8.  How Long Does Inbound Marketing Take to Work?

Inbound marketing is a highly effective and lasting strategy, but it also takes some time to start seeing results. Because inbound marketing focuses on developing the long-term strategies and relationship success, it typically suits those with long sales cycles.

9.  What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is software designed to make inbound marketing easier and more effective. Marketing automation software such as HubSpot and SharpSpring help to make email automation, campaign management, content publishing and data analysis easier.

10.  Will Inbound Marketing Work for Me?

Inbound marketing is recommended for most businesses where – customers may need counseling or guidance before choosing your product/service; your sales cycle/buyer’s journey is long, and your ideal customers have a high lifetime value.

Inbound marketing can produce amazing results, but you need to get it right to maximize your ROI! This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have more questions about inbound marketing feel free to contact us!