Should You Include Google AdWords in Your Marketing Campaign?


Yes, you should.

We’ll go into why in a minute, but it’s important you understand right now how crucial Google AdWords can be for your marketing campaign. There are no major cons or drawbacks to integrating them into your existing strategy and, unless your products are highly unsellable—which I doubt—you’re almost always guaranteed success.

Google is, after all, the largest search engine and one of the largest existing brands. There is not a soul in this country that does not know or use Google. And at the very least, they’ve heard of it. Therefore, it follows that if you advertise on this platform, you’re bound to get some pretty decent results.

And here are three reasons why:

#1. Google Ads? Easier than SEO

Internet marketers, rejoice. There’s something out there relatively easier than SEO to maintain, but still as effective (if not more so, even). The setup for pay-per-click (PPC) may be as challenging as SEO, but once the campaigns are in place? They generally require much less effort to keep going.

Think about it; you need a team of at least five people generating constant SEO content. Some will have to create it while the rest optimize it. This needs to be done on the regular in order to keep your content relevant and your SEO working.

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Google Ads, on the other hand, can still deliver leads without needing to be updated and optimized every three, four days. It’s also much more straightforward than SEO and has less contradictory information floating around, which makes it a little easier to learn.

#2. It Can Boost Your SERP Ranking

Should You Include Google AdWords in Your Marketing Campaign116Here’s the thing; SERP refers to Search Engine Results Page, and it’s basically what gets returned whenever you perform a search. Now, as established earlier, Google is literally the hugest search engine to date. The hugest. Everyone uses it and prefers it over other search engines (which will not be named, for ethical reasons).

It just follows, therefore, that Google the search engine will prioritize Google AdWords. After all, how can you not support something that brings in about 97% of your revenue? This just means that websites and pages that employ Google Ads have significantly higher chances of getting bumped up a notch or two on the SERP. Diehard SEO masters may find this a little frustrating, but that’s just the way it is. PPC is not all that bad, and you can always employ both AdWords and SEO to really solidify your SERP ranking.

#3. AdWords is Highly Measurable

In order to verify that a campaign is working, marketers need metrics and KPIs that prove they’re achieving their business objectives. Compared to traditional marketing—think TV spots and magazine ads—online marketing is already highly measurable, especially since most marketing platforms are capable of running their own analytics.

Google AdWords is no exception. This online channel is completely transparent, controllable, and provides solid PPC metrics that allow marketers to verify, on a granular level, that what they’re doing works. It’s also fairly easy to run standardized tests with them and weed out the undesirables when the numbers start getting low.

There aren’t a lot of independent variables involved in Google AdWords campaigns either. This means you can usually tell immediately which factor is bringing down your entire strategy and very quickly switch it out.

Google Ads have a couple other incredible benefits going for them. Like we mentioned earlier, there are too many pros and not enough cons to even consider booting AdWords out of your strategy. It’s flexible, it’s scalable, and it delivers solid results almost immediately. Investing resources into Google AdWords can yield incredible returns—ones that your business can implement and take action on.