Proven Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Turn Strangers Into Customers

Proven Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Turn Strangers Into Customers

If you’ve ever come across a brand offering a free digital, downloadable product—like a case study, a whitepaper, a video series, an eBook, and so on—in exchange for the visitor’s email address or contact information, then you’re familiar with a Lead Magnet.

A Lead Magnet is essentially considered an “incentive” that companies can afford to give out like hotcakes to whoever is interested. All someone has to do is input their email address in the given field and bam! A download link (or the file itself) shows up in their inbox two, three minutes later.

Never thought of using a lead magnet as part of your lead generation strategy? It’s high time you reconsider, especially since there are literally dozens of benefits in it.

For one, it’s a good way to verify that your visitors are actually interested (or, at the very least, curious) in what your company can offer. Two, it confirms whether or not the pain point you’ve chosen to address is actually a common pain point in your market. And three, it’s a great way to give out free value without compromising your brand’s existing actual value.

But before we get into five examples of lead magnets that are guaranteed to warm up traffic, let’s first discuss …

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Not all lead magnets are created equal. Some provide genuine value to the consumer. Others are just poorly executed excuses to gather as many email addresses as possible.

Here’s how to make sure your lead magnet falls under the first category.

  • It solves a real problem that your buyer persona has
  • It’s specific and targeted towards a certain group of people
  • It’s easy to consume and digest (i.e. cheat sheets or guides that 3-5 pages long)
  • It is easily accessible and can be delivered right away (which is why it’s almost always a digital product rather than a physical one)
  • It guarantees one quick win (“at the end of this video series, you will be able to _______” or “this checklist will help you ___________” … just one thing)
  • It establishes your expertise and authority in your industry

Of course, it does take a while to craft an offer that meets all these requirements. Don’t expect to get it on the first try, either. You’ll probably go through several drafts before you settle on the final output.

But that’s a meaty topic for another time.

Here are our three proven lead magnet ideas that can warm up any stranger and potentially turn them into an interested customer:

1. Checklist

Checklists are the perfect way to condense articles, blog posts, and other forms of textual content into actionable steps. It turns an extensive discussion into a manageable sort of guide that is easy to reference.

For instance, a 2000-word blog post titled “21 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight” might be a bit too hefty for people to easily pull up and consult, but a 21-item checklist titled “Checklist: 21 Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Your Weight Loss” is the perfect size and format. Consumers can print two or three copies out and stick them in strategic places to help with their weight loss journey.

2. Cheat Sheet

Proven Lead Magnet Ideas That Will Turn Strangers Into Customers1A cheat sheet is much the same as a checklist in that they’re easy reference material. Perhaps the difference is that a cheat sheet is more suited for processes or procedures, whereas a checklist is more for general itemization.

People find cheat sheets so irresistible because they eliminate the possibility of you overthinking or overcomplicating a process. They provide a direct step-by-step solution that one simply needs to follow to achieve the desired results. A good example would be “15 Steps to Growing Your Instagram Following” or “How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 17 Steps.”

3. Calendar/Planner

These types of lead magnets are surefire best-sellers. They’re easy to use, easy to print out, and they provide a ton of value to the people who really want them.

For instance, people who are looking to get in shape would love a “30 Day HIIT Journey for Beginners” calendar, or a “30 Days to Stronger Abs” calendar.

On the other hand, people who want to start eating healthy would benefit greatly from a planner titled, “The Beginner’s Map to Meal Prepping: A 7-Day Meal Plan” or a “14 Days of Fresh Food: Beginner-Friendly Meals.”

Overall, a lead magnet creates a win-win situation for everybody involved—one of the reasons why it’s so effective. It establishes you as an authority, it gets your name out there, and it provides genuine value to your visitors at no cost to them. Definitely something worth implementing in your marketing/lead generation strategies.