How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Remodeling Company


Today’s business climate has become a brutal “survival of the fittest” competition, thanks to Google’s rankings. In a competitive market like the remodeling business, it’s very easy to get lost amongst all the other websites—especially if you don’t act quickly.

Boosting your remodeling company by rising through Google SERP ranks can send leads, clients, and revenue pouring in your business. We’ve already established a number of times that the key to increasing your clientele is making it to the front page of Google’s search engine results. With that said, here’s your how-to guide to climbing the ranks.

Analyze Your Competition

It wouldn’t hurt to visit your competitor’s webpage; not to boost their website views, of course, but just to get an insight regarding what (superficial) online qualities they have that’s giving them web traffic and repeat buyers.

It can also benefit your business to know competitors that outrank you on the local SERP. This way, you can see what remodeling and online services they offer that you could build on or provide for your customers.

Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website helps potential clients know who you are while simultaneously experiencing your user interface—thus completing their user experience. A functional and well-designed website should be your marketing’s Holy Grail. Websites that take too long to load lose 39% of their engagement and 38% of visitor interaction if they’re unattractive.

So, why does this matter to Google?

With great user interface and great user experience, you’re bound to attract organic website traffic. Web traffic is a ping for crawl bots and a vote of confidence for Google who, in turn, will increase your authority and ranking.

Build Your Google ‘My Business’

How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Remodeling CompanyBuilding your Google My Business is imperative. It’s a part of your local SEO metrics and is a way of legitimizing your business in Google’s eyes. According to Google, completing your information on the My Business feature helps boost your local rankings, effectively increasing your online presence—especially on the maps.

Be sure to complete your data accurately; the more clients know about your business, the more they’re likely to choose you over “shady” companies with incomplete or virtually no business information online. A few other non-negotiable action items are to update your location, indicate your working hours, encourage and respond to reviews, and add photos.

Be Present On Other Online Business Directories

Apart from My Business, you should also be present in other online business directories. By virtue of Google’s search engine metrics, the more your remodeling business’s information is out there and the more accurate they are (i.e., different listings match each other, no discrepancies between listings), the more you’re likely to pop up during searches.

If you haven’t realized it yet, Google’s search engine is about information, information, information—accurate information, of course.

Use SEO Best Practices

Your SEO marketing practices are staples when it comes to dealing with search engine ranks. There are a lot of ways to optimize your content and webpage for searches. You can improve your links, invest in content, research keywords, and work on citations.

Other best practices would be to:

  • Use “Crawlable” links — Google has bots crawling through your webpages, checking for your content. When they find it, they factor in the text, embedded elements, images, and even videos. You have to make sure that your site’s codes are optimized so that it’s easily readable for the bots.
  • Use Title Tags and Meta Descriptions — these are codes found in the header of your site which helps bots understand what your page is about. Although they don’t actually factor in the searches, they help attract users in search for products, services, and content; consequently leading to more click-through rates. Having a relevant title tag with the right keywords will help Google better find your page.
  • Publish High-Quality Content — Google has established that quality content is key to ranking. High-quality content means relevant and fresh information that’s made for the users—not the search engine. Your content should bring viewers value; information, answers, tips, etc. Invest in cornerstone blogs to establish the character and services of your home remodeling company. They serve as umbrella information for the rest of your posts. Also, make use of compounding blogs; they will potentially accrue 38% of your total traffic. One compound blog generates traffic equivalent to six decaying blogs!
  • Use Keywords — they matter in searches. You’ll need to have a set of primary and secondary keywords that echo your buyer persona’s searches. As such, you’ll definitely need to invest your time, research efforts, and finances to find out the keywords that truly matter to your potential clients.

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As Google continues to modify and update its search algorithm, companies continue to vie for top rank. Competition may be fierce, but your company’s life-blood depends on revenue. Employ these strategies and raise your remodeling company to the front page of Google’s SERPs in due time.