How to Generate Quality Inbound Leads Online

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Most businesses are in a state of flux when it comes to their online inbound leads online. What’s worse is that your own business might not be getting any either, despite all your efforts. In most cases, it has little to do with the amount of effort that’s been exhausted, and more to do with the fact that the effort was impromptu rather than premeditated.

Many can attest that not all marketing efforts yield results. This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve already spent an exorbitant amount of time and resources. To avoid dry spells, here’s a quick guide to help you scout for quality inbound leads.

1. Develop a Buyer Persona

Sticking to and targeting a predefined demographic helps your business focus on its most likely prospects. This helps you determine inbound marketing strategies that best fit your prospective clientele rather than using the old one-size-fits-all approach.

Essentially, a buyer persona helps your business streamline lead generation by directing efforts towards already interested parties. It can then help you utilize target-specific marketing strategies and reel them in with specific A1 content, offers, and services.

2. Implement Onsite and Off-Site SEO Strategies

Ecommerce in today’s age largely relies on SEO for a crucial reason: search engines are the number one go-to place when consumers are in need of information, service, or entertainment. Thanks to the keyword-centric nature of SEO, quality leads are much easier to generate and capture.

By nature, the use of keywords already screens your clientele since searches are generally done on purpose rather than at random.

To clarify, searchers who enter long-tail keywords are more likely planning to use the service or product rather than searchers using generic keywords. Your SEO strategy should employ the right balance of short and long-tail keywords.

Onsite SEO optimization should employ keyword usage, mobile friendliness, page metadata, and schema markup. Some off-site SEO strategies you can try are link building, social media marketing, and guest blogging.

3. Build a Sales-Ready Website

leads onlineWith the majority of commerce transactions happening online, your website is both your virtual store and sales representative. It should drive people to purchase your products or services—or, at the very least, try them out.

Two critical website factors that affect lead generation quality and buying decision is user experience (UX) and content.  A satisfying user experience happens when consumers find your site useful (overall value), desirable (design), navigable (display), and credible (of high authority). Likewise, the content of your site should add value to those who consume it.

Make a sales-ready website that offers optimized content, attracts your intended audience, and creates pleasant user experience all throughout. If you aren’t sure how to begin, you might find some helpful tips here.


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4. Create High-Quality Blogs

Blogs that offer quality insights and information attract visitors interested in the niche. The more value you offer, the more traffic and potential leads you’ll draw in, the more your online visibility effectively increases.

Aside from providing information, your blogs are also vital avenues in lead generation thanks to pairing opportunities. Offer relevant, “gated” content in your blog that redirects them to your landing page or a form for completion. Visitors in need of that gated content will give you the information you need to turn them into quality leads.

5. Engage in Social Media

Because of the very nature of social media – personalization and socialization – you can easily engage with your target demographics. More strategic engagements lead to more brand awareness, which ultimately leads to attraction and conversion.

Moreover, diversified social media content should also allow you to gather attention from different social media platforms.

Getting a hold of quality leads online can be draining with all the technical know-hows of inbound marketing. Luckily, you can start off by following the steps above. To fully equip your business with lead-generating techniques, know more about inbound marketing and effectively employ its principles and strategies.