How Positive Reviews On Your Local Business Listings Boost SEO

How Positive Reviews On Your Local Business Listings Boost SEO - Featured

In today’s online-driven world, reviews dictate the consumer synopsis for businesses of all kinds. Reviews in general will help you get on the map, but it’s the positive ones that will get your SEO soaring. While it’s a struggle to gather your current and potential customers’ voices in one avenue, acquiring them should be a part of your targets if you wish to see your business in the local SERP.

So, how do these reviews really improve your SEO?

Authenticates your Credibility

Your credibility is important for two reasons: 1) for the benefit of your consumers; and 2) for Google’s rankings.

The 2017 local search ranking factors takes into account 8 signals in identifying the businesses included in the local pack and organic listing: link, my business, citation, review, social, behavioral, personalization, and on-page signals (not necessarily in that order).  Review signals account for 13% in the local pack while 7% in the organic ranking.

While local business listings reviews boost your social trustworthiness for customers, Google uses them as a social authority barometer to measure your influence over the area and niche. It also finds the engagement as a reinforcement of your business relevance for other future searchers.

In this regard, it’s almost similar to the backlinks you receive, which are usually considered a vote of confidence. Only this time, they don’t have to be from prominent figures or organizations. Locals or other previous customers work just fine.

Soars your Click-Through Rates (CTR)

local business listings reviewsAccording to a recent study, positive reviews help increase your click-through rates (CTR) by roughly 35%. CTRs belong to several behavioral signals that identify the level of engagement in your website. They are best increased using the schema review available for major search engines, where local business listings reviews for your site may pop up during relevant searches.

It also pays to create excellent meta descriptions and titles to influence consumer behavior. It takes about two seconds to catch the reader’s attention with your page description; otherwise, people could just scroll away. Page authority helps gather reviews which, in turn, lead to increased CTRs. These heightened CTRs will eventually lead to boosted local SERP.

Helps Strengthen Brand Awareness

Harboring local business listings reviews is an already laborious task; harboring positive ones calls for a little more effort. Thanks to the considered local SEO rank signals, positive local business listings reviews are assigned to help boost and strengthen brand awareness, which is essential for all SEO campaigns.

When consumers submit reviews, they bring in unique content that may influence other consumers’ attitude and behavior towards your product or service. This may give you the authority you need to lead over your competition. Brand awareness isn’t just predicated with the quality of your content, but with a well-planned marketing strategy as well.

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Serve as Online Social Verdict

The reviews you receive online may ultimately help your potential customers decide whether to try your products, services, or even ideas (for bloggers and influencers) … or skip out on them entirely. They act as a collective online ruling that may severely affect your business.

More than your online presence, you need to meet endorsed standards and expectations when it comes to actual services, products, and ideas to appease a pool of customers ready to give you the 1-star or 5-star difference that could, ultimately, spread like wildfire throughout the web. While the “don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover” mantra remains relevant, people on the internet basically live au contraire thanks to their limited attention, and it’s part of your job to keep their attention and engage them if you wish to thrive in the online enterprise.

Final Thoughts

Google considers links, pages, on-page SEO, geographical location, and consumer behavior as factors in determining local pack and organic listings. It’s important to dissect these into smaller categories and strengthen each aspect to create a strong SEO campaign. Your positive reviews are stepping stones in that campaign, and they  affect your visibility, one review at a time.