How Website Mobile Optimization Will Boost Your SEO

How Optimizing for Mobile Will Boost Your SEO

There are many techniques that give your website a much needed SEO boost but one that is really beneficial is optimizing your website for mobile. After all, desktops and mobile phones work differently, and you’ll want to cater to users of both. It is practically key to success in this day and time where over 58% of smartphone users search for goods and services on their mobile devices.

To ensure that you take advantage of all this traffic and gain the leads you seek, it would be wise to optimize your mobile website today.

Mobile Optimization vs Mobile-Friendly

How Optimizing for Mobile Will Boost Your SEO-Body

While you can find several different definitions for what mobile optimization is, the simple version is that optimization is the process which makes sure your website is user-friendly on mobile devices.

With so many people on their mobile phones these days, it is extremely important that besides having a responsive design, your website should be easy to use and doesn’t have any glitches when viewed by someone using a mobile phone or tablet. When your website is optimized, it functions well on smartphones and the like, ensuring that visitors don’t run into any snags when viewing your website which can sometimes cause potential customers to go to another company.

Mobile optimization is not to be confused with mobile-friendliness. The latter refers to sites simply shrinking the pages for them to fit on a phone’s screen. The former, on the other hand, hosts features like a bigger navigation bar, reformatted content, optimized images, and more.

When properly optimized, a website can help your ranking grow higher because, thanks to mobile first indexing, Google searches for the following features in a trusted mobile site:

  • The layout of the page– Does it render properly on mobile?
  • Accessibility– Are buttons, images, and text large enough for the reader?
  • Speed– Shorter load times mean that visitors are more likely to stay. If the page doesn’t load fast enough, chances are you will lose business.
  • Location– When searching on mobile, your physical location is key to relevancy.
  • Advertisements – You won’t see an optimized site with a lot of advertisements since Google is not a fan of them.

With an optimized mobile website that has these features, it’s almost guaranteed that your ranking will be higher than other websites. That nice SEO boost might make more of a difference than you think.

Why Use Mobile Optimization

There are plenty of reasons why you should utilize mobile optimization – and not just for ranking benefits – but it is true that it is a great help. We live in a time where people need information quick and don’t like to wait. Nobody will want to linger on a website that takes minutes to load as opposed to seconds, regardless of how relevant or how important the information on the site may be. The easier and faster the experience, the better.

With an estimated 1.2 billion people using the web on their mobile phones, you will want to make sure that you can cater to their needs. That much traffic can easily turn into leads for your business. Not to mention a responsive site that runs smoother on mobile equates to a better user experience, which in turn can increase your rankings exponentially and lead to a better conversion rate.

How to Mobile Optimize Your Site Today

Before you dive into updating your website so it’s optimized for mobile, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. There are plenty of free tools you can use to analyze your website which will also let you know if something’s wrong or needs to be fixed before you can really focus on enhancing user experience.

For instance, many people run into an issue wherein the theme’s HTML or CSS needs to be changed or updated. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy fix and typically requires you to hire a developer to make the changes. While this can be costly, in the end, it’s worth it. After you have a mobile-friendly theme, go back through the list of features mentioned above to make sure you are meeting them.

Is your text easy to read? Are your images optimized? Is it simple to navigate around on mobile? If so, you are good to go.

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Whether we like it or not, there will always be trends and such that need to be followed to obtain success. Ensuring that you take full advantage of such trends will determine how you and your business will turn out. So don’t think twice – have your mobile website optimized today and you’ll see results tomorrow.