How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on My Website?

How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on My Website?

Most consumers rely on search engines to get all sorts of information—from finding restaurant recommendations to asking about software providers for businesses. This means that your target audience is most likely searching for services or products similar to yours via online search engines like Google and Bing.

If your goal is to attract them to your page, then investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is crucial. Your website will have a very hard time climbing to the top of search engine results pages (SERP) without the help of SEO. In fact, search engines will have a hard time finding your website—much less recommending it—without SEO.

Have you ever wondered how and why your competitors remain in the top three to five results suggested by Google? That’s Search Engine Optimization for you; it ensures Google knows your brand, knows your business, and knows it should recommend you when a specific keyword or phrase is typed in.

From this alone, we can answer the question, “How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on My Website?” with one word – VERY. But we want to break it down a bit for you.

1. You can target your audience better.

What’s great about SEO, when compared to more traditional marketing forms, is that you can generate highly-targeted traffic better. SEO allows for your website to rank high on the search engine results page (SERP) for a specific service you provide,

With SEO, you can be sure that a user has gone online, searched for something specifically related to your business, and then decided to click on your listing. They were looking for a solution to their problem and they used a specific keyword or phrase that is in line with what you offer, which is why Google suggested your website.

This means that the traffic driven by SEO is more targeted than traffic that you might have generated through a direct mail campaign or TV ad.

2. SEO helps maintain a close relationship with your customers.

If users are typing in search queries specifically related to your product, then it most probably means that they need more information about it. It also means that the current information you have on your website or social media page probably isn’t very forthcoming.

By tracking these searches, you can learn what people need to know about your product and create corresponding content. In doing so, you can maintain a closer and continuous relationship with your potential customers.

How do you know if your on-page SEO is good or bad?


3. SEO boosts our authority and credibility.

How Important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on My Website1The internet has changed so many things over the years—including how the sales process goes for different types of businesses. This is because consumers have easy, immediate access to a wealth of different resources that inform them about all their possible options before they even interact with a sales agent.

Thanks to SEO, you—the owner or manager—play a part in that learning process. Creating informative and valuable content lets you establish credibility and trust with potential customers even though you are still in the early research stages.

4. Ensures the accuracy of your NAP data across the web.

One of the main factors to consider if you want to rank in your local area is by maintaining the consistency of your business name, address and phone number (NAP data) across local directories and data aggregators. When your NAP data across different platforms is conflicting, it is more difficult for Google to know which information to trust.

Doing local SEO for your website solves this issue. No matter where your customers are, you are sure that they are getting the right information to reach you.

5. Measuring it is very easy.

A main advantage of SEO is that you can virtually measure every aspect of its results. Unlike traditional marketing methods where you mostly rely on searching for correlations between sales and ad campaigns, there are algorithms that are specifically coded to track the returns you’re getting from your SEO efforts.

There are a lot of other reasons why SEO is important to your website and should be considered for your company. Whether you’re planning to hire a professional internet marketing company or just do it yourself, your brand can certainly stand to benefit from search engine optimization—as long as it’s done right.