How Do I Attract the Right Customer/Buyer Persona to My Website?

Attracting the Right Buyer Persona

Before we can even begin to answer the question posed by this blog’s title, we have to first define what a buyer persona is. It’s a generally simple concept, but the execution behind it is incredibly complex. If properly crafted, a buyer persona can make all the difference in your sales and marketing efforts.

So what is a buyer persona?

It’s essentially a fictional character you create that represents your ideal customer; age, gender, marital status, address, family background, educational background, socio-economical class, average income earned (if applicable), typical day—the more detailed, the better.

Why so?

Because specificity is essential for closing sales. By generalizing your target market, you risk marketing your product to people who don’t want it, and even the most talented salesman can’t make someone buy something they don’t want or don’t need (at least, not without resorting to classic sales tactics). You might be able to make a few sales, but those sales will be hard won.

Why do you need a buyer persona?

Let’s say you’re selling anti-aging products: face creams, moisturizers, essences, oils … you get the picture. If you try marketing anti-aging face cream to literally anyone who happens to pass by—young men, old ladies, young adult females, older males, teenagers—you’re probably not going to get a lot of sales. The sales you will make will probably be mostly from older women.

Think about it; why would a teenage boy want anti-aging face cream?

So you adjust your marketing based on this experience. You move somewhere where older women tend to hang out in, and you only break out the sales pitch when a woman in her 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s approaches your stall. Logic dictates that you have a higher chance of making more sales with this approach.

This is the importance of a buyer persona. It takes away the guesswork, takes away the generalization, and helps you create a targeted marketing strategy with a high chance of success.

By considering customer demographics, behavior patterns, goals, motivations, and pain points, you have the info you need to create a highly detailed character that is sure to purchase your product every time it’s offered to him/her.

Attracting the Right Buyer Persona

1. Knowing Who the “Right” Buyer Persona Is

The first step to attracting the right customer to your website is knowing who that right customer is. Create a buyer persona using the information you already have. Make it as specific and as detailed as possible, so that you can properly determine where your time, product development, and marketing efforts should be focused.

Going back to the anti-aging example, you can’t create a website that attracts women in their 30’s to 60’s if you don’t know that that’s who you’re supposed to be attracting.

2. Market Research, Market Research, Market Research

Attracting the Right Buyer Persona1Do not underestimate the importance of market research. You can always craft the “perfect customer” by using a mix of experience and educated guesses, but all the smart guesswork in the world can’t replace cold, hard facts.

By conducting regular market research on your existing customers, you can gather important information regarding their behaviors, purchasing patterns, frustrations, pain points, and so on.

These details can help you craft the optimal marketing strategy—and website design—that specifically addresses their unique concerns.

Simply put, market research will tell you what you should—and shouldn’t—include in your website, blogs, content offers, landing pages, and so on.

3. Personalized Premium Offers

Personalization is everything in marketing. It can humanize any brand and, in turn, warm up any potential customer. Use your buyer persona to your advantage and create personalized premium content offers—whitepapers, checklists, planners, cheat sheets—for your buyer persona.

From creating an algorithm so that your emails address them by their first name to writing newsletters or planners that suit their specific situation, personalizing the offers on your website will draw in the people it’s meant for.

All in all, a buyer persona can act as the ultimate guide in all your marketing endeavors. Whatever strategy you choose to deploy, knowing specifically who you’re targeting can optimize your approach and consequently increase your chances of consistently successful sales.