How an Online Marketing Company Can Help You Reach Your Target Market

How an Online Marketing Company Can Help You Reach Your Target Market

Your business, regardless of what product you’re offering or what industry you’re in, is dependent on sales. Sales bring in income, and income is the lifeblood of every business. Everything you do and every decision you make must be done with the end goal of increasing sales.

That being said, partnering with a marketing company is definitely in your best interests.

See, a reputable online marketing company can help you reach—and connect with—your target audience. And this is crucial for your sales. If you’re selling to the wrong person, it doesn’t matter how extensive or elaborate your marketing efforts are. They’ll all be for naught.

And with that, we give you: three ways an online marketing company can help you reach your target market.

#1 They Integrate Social Listening Tools to Find Out What Customers Are Talking About

Let’s face it: everybody is on social media. Doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube … chances are, your audience has an account on at least one of those platforms.

And as is the nature of most social media networks, they most likely use said account to discuss topics they’re in to. Whether it’s sharing an announcement from a page they’re following, posting a picture from their favorite café, or even just liking posts put out by other platforms, you can pretty much tell someone’s interests after just a few minutes of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram stalking.

As a business owner and/or marketer, you know how valuable these insights can be. If you gather enough data regarding their preferences, you can customize your strategies to make your marketing approach more personal. In marketing, personalization often incites strong emotional reactions which, in turn, makes solid sales.

But logistically speaking, do you really have the time or resources to go through each and everyone’s social media?


Even if you’re catering to a small audience, it just isn’t feasible.

Enter Social Listening Tools. Also referred to as “Social Media Monitoring” tools, these are platforms or programs that allow you to monitor different social profiles on different social media platforms for specific triggers.

Some examples:

  1. Mentions
  2. Keywords
  3. Replies
  4. Hashtags
  5. URLs

By actively tracking and monitoring these triggers, you can further streamline the audience persona you’re targeting. This helps you refine and define your average consumer which, consequently, gives you a clearer idea on how to best approach them.

A great online marketing company can recommend the best social listening tools for your specific business goals. What’s more, they can further help you integrate these social listening tools in a way that it best fits your existing marketing campaign.

#2 They Help You Discover Your Audience’s Language … and Speak It

Nelson Mandela said it best:



On to the next item.

All joking aside, that quote really is the perfect explanation as to why discovering your audience’s language—and learning it—is so important.

Chances are, your audience speaks the same language you do—in the linguistic sense. For the sake of an example, let’s use English. If your audience is largely composed of English speakers and people who know English as a first, second, or third language, then you can communicate with them, no problem.

But can you relate to them?

Let’s say you’re selling cutesy, teenage-friendly makeup for males and females aged 10 to 18. How do you describe it? What’s your hook? How are you going to convince them to choose your makeup over the countless other options they have, both in-store and online?

Do you think advertising it as “skin-friendly” makeup with “rich, hydrating substances like Shea butter and coconut oil,” and “anti-aging ingredients like retinol, collagen, and peptides,” will get them to buy?

Most likely not.

An experienced online marketing company will probably encourage you to use concepts they’re actually familiar with—i.e., “silky finish,” “rich pigment,” “plump, pink, and happy,” “yummy colors.” In so doing, your chances of making a sale are greatly improved because these ten- to eighteen-year-olds get it. They want colorful pigments and glossy lips, and they’re probably not too concerned with the ingredients and skin-friendly benefits.

These are young teenagers. They want to look good, not fight aging.

Any digital marketing agency will tell you; if you want to establish that emotional connection with your audience (remember; the kind that makes sales), you need to learn their language and speak it. Tone, voice, terms, wording, phrases and sayings … everything you use must resonate with what they know.

#3 They Help You with Optimized Retargeting

As a business owner, you’ve probably made peace with the fact that some of your customers are one-time purchasers—especially if they approached you early in their purchase journey. They go to your store, buy what they’re curious about, then leave. The chances of them coming back after that first visit are very slim.

That’s normal, and that’s okay.

Through a number of digital marketing approaches and small business SEO services, an online marketing company can help you bring those errant consumers back through retargeting efforts.

As the name suggests, retargeting is when you create a new campaign or approach to target previous customers and one-time purchasers. When done right, it can yield better results than even cold targeting, as the consumer is already familiar with your brand.

And you can bet a professional company will ensure it’s done right.

In the end, the business that makes the most sales is the one who best understands its customers: what motivates them, what makes them happy … you get the picture. By partnering with an online marketing company that gets this, you have a better chance of reaching your target market and consequently improving your sales.