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How is Google’s Personalized Search Affecting SEO?

SEO, which is short for search engine optimization, is the game of gaining ranking on the search engine results pages – aka SERPs –...
Must-Have SEO Checklist for Beginners

Must-Have SEO Checklist for Beginners

Starting an SEO strategy isn’t as hard as most people believe it to be. It’s no walk in the park, sure, but today’s technology...
Attracting the Right Buyer Persona

How Do I Attract the Right Customer/Buyer Persona to My Website?

Before we can even begin to answer the question posed by this blog’s title, we have to first define what a buyer persona is....
What Do Marketing Companies Really Do

What Do Marketing Companies Really Do?

“What do marketing companies really do?” This is a pretty loaded question. Even people who have worked with a marketing company—or marketing companies—before might...
SEO marketing

What is a Website Title Tag? [FAQ]

If this is your first venture into SEO marketing, you may not be all that familiar with what a website title tag is—or what...