8 Benefits to Maintaining a Blog for your Business


Blogs have become an essential part of every business website, from news outlets to home remodel contractors. A business blog is not just a place to share your expertise and knowledge – it can also provide an opportunity to draw new and existing customers to your business. In fact, maintaining a blog with relevant, updated content has a number of different benefits for your business.

1.   Allows Communication with Customers

In a world that’s increasingly digital, it’s a lot harder to get in touch with customers and talk to them about what you do. As many as 90% of customers browse and research businesses and products online before purchase, so without an online presence, you won’t have a chance to represent your business. What’s the solution? Communicate with your customer base online through your business blog. A blog allows you to provide a friendly and accessible way to talk about what you do and how it will benefit your customers, to allow them to engage with your business.

2.   Helps Customers Understand Your Business

A blog is an information, marketing, and outreach tool, all rolled into one. Blog posts that include relevant, up-to-date informative content are naturally appealing to your customers as they give them valuable information that helps them understand what you do, and how it will benefit them.

3.   Helps You Understand Your Customers

Digital Dictionary Blog Follow Like Concept - blog contentA business blog also helps you to better understand your customers. By using marketing analytics and insight tools, you can better understand what most appeals to your customers, and how to best serve them. This provides feedback to drive your marketing and business operations for even better results.

4.   Boosts SEO

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) helps to make your business website more easily accessible from search engines, and therefore more easily accessible for your customers. Regular blog updates add relevant keywords to your site, increase internal linking and promote more opportunities for backlinking. All of these factors help to improve your search engine optimization allowing customers to find you more easily.

5.   Provides Social Media Content

Blog posting is not the only thing that drives your SEO and customer engagement – social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make a difference too. Blog posts can be easily shared to social media and create engaging, clickable links that lead back to your site.

6.   Builds Trust with Customers

When you blog, you share genuine, helpful advice from your own experience. This is valuable to customers and allows customers to see you as an authority in your industry.

7.   Generates Leads

Because blogs bring new and existing visitors to your site through engaging and interesting content, they help create high-quality leads that will allow you to grow your active customer base. Because blogs are more likely to bring new visitors to your site, they also offer the ideal opportunity to increase signups for your email list.

8.   Statistically Proven to Help Your Business

Blogging isn’t just a tried and true technique for improving your business, it’s backed by research too. A number of studies and surveys have shown that 80% of customers consider original blogs a reliable way to find out information, businesses who blog get 126% more new leads than those that don’t, blogging can sometimes be just as effective as paid advertisements for promoting your business, and that 80% of daily blog visits are from new customers.

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Blogging is simply too valuable a tool to overlook for your business – so if you aren’t blogging, why not?! If time and resources just don’t allow you to blog for yourself, work with a digital marketing company to develop a blogging solution that really works for your business.