7 Questions to Ask When Meeting with a Digital Marketing Agency for the First Time

7 Questions to Ask When Meeting with a Digital Marketing Agency for the First Time

Many believe that a fast way to do well with your brand is by sticking to what has worked for most people: create content, generate leads, and optimize campaigns. While this is true, why do many marketers still struggle with interpreting statistics and turning it into better campaigns? Why do marketers continue to have difficulties proving ROI?

One of the best alternatives to streamlining operations and speeding up growth is hiring a digital marketing agency.

If you are meeting with a digital marketing firm for the first time, here are some questions that you need to ask them:

1. How will you improve my business’ search engine rankings?

Ask the agency about the way they operate and how they achieve their goals. Be wary of those that make unrealistic promises or use black hat strategies like buying links that are of low quality.

2. How long will it take before you produce significant results?

Of course, the agency cannot give you a definitive date but for SEO campaigns that work well, you should see positive results in your site in approximately three to six months.

3. How can I help you make my campaign succeed?

Figure out if you can provide any information that can help the agency turn your efforts into successful SEO campaigns. For your campaigns to truly deliver, you also need to play a part in helping your winning agency.

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4. Who will I be working with regularly?

digital marketing agencyFor marketing to produce any concrete results, the usual minimum retainer is 8 months to 1 year. You need to make sure your new teammates are good people who you look forward to communicating and working with over that long period.

5. Will you provide references?

A reputable digital marketing agency should be glad you asked for references. Wise clients should not forego this step. Ask for information about any of the agency’s previous clients, particularly the ones within your industry.

6. How much will your services cost?

Hiring a digital marketing agency can be pricey but it’s a valuable investment. Ask about the required budget for implementing the campaigns that they want you to pay for. Remember: cheaper doesn’t always mean better – you want the company that is going to provide the most value for the best price. Do your research before investing in a specific campaign or a marketing agency.

7. How will you report on our overall progress?

Communication is key when working with a partner. Ask the agency if they can deliver an easy-to-read report and summary each month. Additionally, find out if they can conduct a monthly meeting with you so they can walk you through the entire report.

Teaming up with a digital marketing agency can be beneficial for your business. They help promote growth by reviewing reports and providing insights while they plan for different strategies. Additionally, they work hard in the background making sure that all your ideas, services, and product land on top of the general consumers’ search queries. This is the reason why they play a major role in your company’s success.