6 Incredible Ways Social Media Links Help Your SEO

6 Incredible Ways Social Media Links Help Your SEO - Featured

Social media (SM) has actively grown as an avenue for communication in the past decade. Thanks to its social aspect, it’s evolved from bridging mere communication gaps to networking and endorsing information on a wide range of topics. As of today, it has advanced to support SEO in many ways.

1. It Uses Social Sharing

Thanks to the accessibility of most SM platforms, social sharing has seen heavy traffic; users rampantly network ‘shareworthy’ stories, products, and services online.

While you may choose between organic linking and influence marketing, using SM platforms should remain a top priority to boost your presence, as this could eventually lead to organic link editorials from prominent influencers. This is why you should always invest in high-quality and authoritative content.

2. It Improves link building

search engine optimizationAlthough SM interactions are not highly accounted for in Google’s current algorithm, the chance for link-building through social media is high.

Why is link building important for SEO?

It mainly helps Google discover new web pages by making yours visible through reputable links. It also helps them define how your page should rank in the engine. With social media, your traction in the online landscape is far greater—especially with optimized content that captures reader’s attention and interest.

3. It helps in capturing external links

Building on the previous point, Google determines a page’s ranking not only through the quality of the content, but with the external links that redirect to the page. Generally speaking, you are most likely to rank higher when reputable websites link to yours.

With the help of SM, this is easier to accomplish. Plus the chances for such are much greater thanks to social sharing and boosting.

4. It builds your online character through audience engagement

While building your online character and audience engagement sounds more like a marketing plan than an SEO strategy, it’s important to note that brand awareness helps your SM presence and reputation. Engagement also helps Google validate the accuracy of their algorithms on a page’s relevance.

Needless to say, social media links, when used accordingly, may help you build your online presence and improve engagement.

5. It helps your presence in the local SEO

Local SEO is somewhat different from conventional SEO. Your engine may reveal generic suggestions when you type in keywords for dining places; however, your local SEO will reveal those relevant to your location.

With the use of locally-optimized SEO posts and your local social media engagement, you will be able to boost your location-specific authority signals for major search engines to find.

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6. It has a promising future

Google currently uses minimal social metrics in their ranking. Although it seems risky to use social media for SEO purposes, it’s a rewarding risk to take. After all, Google has indicated that social signals are not to be taken for their short-term implications, but for their long-term effects; hence, Google may eventually find ways to eventually account SM interactions in their ranking factors.