5 Surprising Ways a Marketing Agency Can Catapult Your Business

5 Surprising Ways a Marketing Agency Can Catapult Your Business

Most businesses nowadays are no stranger to the concept of outsourcing. Back before communication was feasibly unlimited and the internet played such a prominent role in our lives, in-house teams were the standard. From project management to full-on brand marketing, managers would hire full-time workers to handle specific business processes.

Now? More and more business owners are switching over to outsourcing. It’s cost-effective, it’s industrially proven, and it yields incredible results despite often tight turnarounds.

If you’re running a fresh startup or a small, localized brand, and you’re seriously considering investing in marketing, keep reading. Here are five reasons why partnering with a marketing agency could be in your best interest.

1. It Levels the Playing Field

The disadvantage of traditional marketing is that it typically favors big, established brands. Print ads, television commercials, flyers, billboards … these channels, while effective, are very costly to use and distribute. Only businesses with a substantial marketing budget and an existing following can truly utilize—and benefit from—traditional print or non-digital marketing.

So what about small businesses and fresh startups?

Enter digital marketing.

Digital marketing is streamlined, accessible, and financially-friendly. It’s intuitive enough and comprehensive enough that it doesn’t require dozens of different resources just to function at full potential. What’s more, digital marketing strategies are just as effective and can achieve what traditional marketing can—like boost brand awareness and convert organic leads—for a lot less.

Working with a digital marketing agency can open up opportunities for your company; opportunities that were previously only possible for large conglomerates and established brands.

2. It Gives You an Awesome Optimized Website

Given the state of the digital landscape today, generic, un-optimized, and unprofessional-looking websites are pretty much obsolete. No one likes them, no one even bothers to look at them, and they can be quite damaging to the brand’s reputation if they’re unsightly enough or annoying enough to warrant distaste.

This might sound harsh, but it’s all true; your website can make or break your online image. People value user-friendly interfaces and straightforward navigation. Clean, crisp, and simple designs will always be visually appealing and more preferable. Less of everything—text, pictures, page elements, object—is always more.

It’s been proven, time and again, that websites that are easy to use and easy to navigate have a higher chance of capturing and converting visitors than those that are (to be blunt) needlessly complex and visually atrocious.

So if you’re new—or fairly new—to the game, find a marketing agency that offers professional website design, development, and management. Trust us; there are, ultimately, tons of financial benefits to prioritizing your website.

3. It Lets You Interact With Specific Audiences

5 Surprising Ways a Marketing Agency Can Catapult Your Business1Unlike traditional marketing that is generally, well, generalized, digital marketing is capable of connecting with specific audiences at a time. The platforms, communication channels, and resources that most digital marketing strategies use make it possible to initiate and facilitate interaction with a  particular person or group of people that fulfill certain specified parameters (like sex, age, location, etc.). This, in turn, can improve the overall effectiveness of most any targeted marketing strategy.

Targeted marketing, in general, has also proven itself to be highly beneficial for most businesses. It increases customer satisfaction, raises customer retention rate, promotes revenue increase through personalization, and improves overall time- and cost-efficiency.

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4. It Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Digital marketing strategies, when properly planned and effectively executed, can generate incredible revenue by increasing conversion rates and improving lead generation. Hard to believe? The numbers don’t lie; according to Google, companies that use digital marketing techniques experience 2.8x more revenue growth than companies that don’t—regardless of size, industry, business model, etc.

What’s more, small- and medium-sized businesses that use digital marketing have better chances of growing and expanding their workforce; about 3.3x better, to be exact.

That being said, there’s no denying that digital marketing is extremely cost-effective. Many of the tools needed in digital marketing are either free or available at minimum cost. It doesn’t require a lot of paid resources either due to the general, overall accessibility of its channels (i.e. social media platforms, email hosts, websites, etc.).

This is why many professional digital marketing agencies can afford to offer their services at considerably low prices; not a lot of money is needed to achieve lift-off. This means your ROI could be substantially meaty.

5. It Inspires People to Take Action

A CTA—or a Call-To-Action—is a time-tested integration in digital marketing that can almost guarantee a higher conversion rate. CTAs are highly effective elements that tell the audience what they should do, specifically, when they’re on your page i.e., click a link, sign up for a free account, download a free PDF, contact your helpline to learn more, etc.

It’s been proven that people are more likely to do what you ask them to do when the instructions are clear and specific—at least, when it comes to marketing. By combining direct-to-the-point phrases like “Sign up now!” or “Click here to learn more!” with attention-grabbing elements like buttons, forms, and graphics, you significantly increase your chances of converting page visits into full-on interactions. What’s more, simply optimizing the page layout in such a way that the CTA is highlighted can further improve organic conversion rates.

Partner up with a digital marketing agency to work out how best to integrate CTA elements in your existing websites and pages. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

As a business owner/team manager, you do a lot. There are enough business processes that you need to see to in a day; you don’t need to add marketing to the mix. You’ll find that partnering with a digital marketing agency can do more for you than just save time and effort. It can connect you with previously untapped markets, bolster your online presence, and drastically push your marketing efforts closer to where they need to be to reach your business goals.