5 Reasons You Need to Start a Company Blog Today


Despite what people may think, blogs are still very much relevant and active in the digital landscape. If you’ve partnered with an SEO marketing company—or, really, any sort of digital marketing agency—you may have been told that you need to start a company blog.

Statistically speaking, 81% of online U.S. consumers see blogs as trusted resources for news and information. Furthermore, companies that have their own online blogs enjoy 67% more leads than companies that don’t publish regular content.

And if the numbers aren’t enough to convince you, maybe the prospects will.

1. Establish Online Authority & Credibility

First thing’s first: you want to give consumers a reason to trust you. After all, almost every market you can think of is saturated; commerce, e-commerce, professional services, health and wellness, beauty, tech manufacturing and support … you name it, you’ve got competitors in it.

Which is why one of the biggest challenges for every business owner is: how do I get noticed? How do I make other people choose my brand over other similar brands?

The answer?

Start a blog.

By publishing consistent, high-quality content, you are giving a tangible demonstration of your industry expertise and experience. Sharing fresh opinions, new perspectives, and relevant information will draw the attention of readers who are looking for exactly that. The more you do this, the more they’ll see you as an authority. A credible resource for quality content and a brand they can trust.

2. Educate Your Consumers

This is related to the previous point; you establish your authority and industry expertise by publishing relevant and quality content. And if the content you put out is current, informative, and interesting, then people are definitely going to consume it.

In other words, your audience can—and will—learn new things from you.

By starting a company blog, you have the chance to educate consumers regarding the state of the market you’re in, whether it be tech products or health and wellness services. The more educated they are, the more your audience will be capable of making smart, informed decisions regarding their purchases.

3. Create Personal Connections

People don’t like being sold to, but they definitely don’t mind being shared to.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why content marketing is so effective. As any digital marketing company will tell you, interesting content makes for an interested audience.

That being said, a company blog is the perfect avenue for you to connect with your audience and establish a personal, more casual bond with them. By publishing light-hearted content or daily run-of-the-mill updates from time to time, you make yourself—and your brand—more human. This, in turn, will help your customers see you as someone more relatable and therefore easier to approach.

In the long run, this easiness will breed a sense of familiarity and, most importantly, a sense of loyalty. Once you build personal connections with your consumers, they will most definitely choose to stay with you no matter what.

And once you’ve achieved this level of connection with enough people…

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4. Develop Your Community

By allowing people to comment on your blog and start conversations, you’re essentially creating a platform for a community to grow.

Once you start responding to comments and encouraging others to do the same, you introduce the concept of a brand-consumer connection and a consumer-consumer connection. People with shared interests and common views will take notice of this and, excited by the prospect of interacting with others like them, will do what they can to nurture these newfound connections.

5. Boost Organic Website Traffic

Organic traffic is something every website owner wants. It increases the possibilities of new consumers, potentially positive leads, fresh followers, and more sales.

Consistently putting out quality content can attract this kind of traffic. People who aren’t specifically looking for your brand but are looking for specific information in a certain industry may stumble across your website—especially if your pages are optimized for search engines. Once this happens, you’ll have a new prospect who is genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what you have to offer, having a company blog can give you a significant boost when reaching your business or marketing goals. But just remember; it takes time to generate momentum. Any expert digital marketing company will tell you that you’ll need to commit a minimum of six months to publishing consistent, quality content before you start reaping the benefits. But trust us; the results are well worth the wait.