5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2018


2018 digital marketing trends are strongly propelled by consumer-oriented incentives. It’s moved from traditional marketing avenues and schemes to simpler and more convenient means. Ironically, however, digital marketing has become simultaneously easier and more difficult for online marketers.

Keep up with the change by checking out these six digital marketing trends.

Videos’ Lead in Content Market

In a 2017 survey, marketers have ranked videos first over every other form of marketing initiatives. These include articles, infographics, and images. Videos have also been named the preferred medium for giving product information, with a whopping 79% of consumers choosing this platform over other informational approaches.

It’s projected that in 2020, videos will contribute to over 80% of the web-based consumer traffic.

Videos are currently the most convenient form of on-the-go digital information source, especially for consumers with zero time to read products reviews and information. Thanks to this global trend, more and more businesses are producing video content for their consumer’s convenience.

Focus on Mobile User Experience

2018 also spells a time for greater focus on mobile user experience (UX). The online market has already seen prior increase in the role of mobile phones in consumer marketing, and is currently peaking thanks to 2.53 billion smartphone users globally as of 2018. Preceding that, Google began its mobile-first search result indexing efforts to improve search criteria in 2016.

Mobile payments have become increasingly popular, especially with the number of businesses putting up mobile-friendly websites and developing mobile applications. Consequently, on-the-go purchasing has never been easier! On top of this, it’s also predicted that by year 2020, mobile wallets will surpass the use of credit and debit cards.

While the use of smartphones is extremely beneficial, it’s not without its challenges. According to researchers, mobile pages that load between one to five seconds are shown to have 90% more bounce rates. This means that you have to make a good first impression within a 50-millisecond window.

Shift to Millennial Consumers

5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2018Millennials (37 years old and younger) were earlier projected to have more spending capacity than Baby Boomers in 2018. Interestingly, this younger demographic is more receptive to advertising than older generations, and spend about $75 per online visit. Unsurprisingly, 58% of mobile shoppers are millennials.

Millennials are reaching their spending years and, thanks to their receptiveness to the digital market, businesses with solid digital marketing strategies will thrive. It’s projected that by year 2020, this generation will collectively have spending control over $1.4 trillion.

This demographic is essentially the market’s life-blood, and is—understandably—a primary target.

Influencers as Social Opinion Leaders

Niches have opened new opportunities for the rise of social influencers. In today’s market, 70% of millennials—the dominating generation in the consumer market, as mentioned—are influenced by marketing suggestions from their trusted influencers.

That said, social opinion’s potential is growing stronger.

In a 2016 study, it was found that 49% of users trusted recommendations from social media influencers. To put this into perspective, consider the fact that there are currently 325 million monthly active users on Twitter. 49% of that is still numbers in the hundred millions.

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AI-Based Technology

Many marketers have predicted the rise of AI-based technology in digital marketing, thanks to its sophisticated learning system. Due to the sheer volume of information in the internet, the use of AIs has increased. Out of 200 business executives, 75% stated they would eventually use this technology for crunching online data.

Some typical adaptations of this technology include websites’ and apps’ facial recognition systems, page and product suggestions, connection suggestions, and similar programs.

It’s no surprise that digital trends for 2018 reflect the focus on the market’s preferences and demographics. It’s safe to say that we’re advancing to the age of acceptance and use of more progressive machines and ideas.

Digital marketing is no easy task. While these trends give you the fighting chance to survive the online jungle, you’ve to invest more marketing research on tested and proven strategies like your SEO marketing campaign and others.