5 Digital Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried (But Need To)

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Digital marketing has pretty much established itself as one of the best forms of marketing in today’s technology-dependent society. Most of us enjoy consuming digital content, and we have the means to do so.

The benefits of digital marketing are unquestionable—so much so that the strategies are borderline … repetitive. In fact, one of the biggest challenges a digital marketing company faces is thinking outside the box. So the risk of heard it, seen it, done it is extremely high when it comes to implementing those tried-and-true digital marketing strategies.

Think you’ve heard it all? Well, get ready to hear some more. We’ve got five pretty creative digital marketing solutions that you haven’t yet tried—but definitely should.

1. Collaborate More Often

A lot of businesses don’t realize how beneficial a joint business venture can be but trust us; it can do wonders for your sales and marketing. A joint collaboration with a brand that’s within the same industry or a similar niche can open up a lot of windows of opportunity for future sponsorship or joint ventures.

What’s more, when you collaborate with another brand, you have full access to their existing consumer base and target market, too. We’re talking social media followers, mailing list subscribers, current loyal customers, and the like. You basically have permission to market your brand to these potential leads.

2. Don’t Neglect Yelp!

Whether you use it or not, Yelp—and other business directory services—is changing the game. Online platforms that depend on third-party verified user ratings and reviews are highly valuable in today’s digital age, and business directories are no exception. If your business isn’t on Yelp, you stand to lose out on local prospects.

But if your business is on Yelp, then you need to make sure your Yelp category/categories are in order. Every query entered into Yelp will return results classified under certain categories, just like Google’s SERP. What’s more, your entry’s organic rank is affected by your Yelp categories.

And this ranking goes beyond Yelp. Yelp results also show up on Google SERPs. This basically means you can further optimize your page for search engines just by getting your Yelp categories in order.

3. Create Excitement with a Press Release

Not a lot of businesses use press releases now, plainly because they believe press releases are old and outdated (also; no one really reads them). However, this is a huge misconception. Press releases, when done right, can be a punchy and informative digital strategy that can attract hundreds of potential new leads. Pro tip: the hook and the distribution are key to writing a brand-building press release, so try to focus a little more effort on them.

4. Create a Promotional Video Using Online Tools

Everyone loves video. It’s fun, entertaining, informative, and—most importantly—easily consumable. On top of that, it’s a marketer’s best friend. According to Smart Insights, 53% of consumers engage with a brand almost immediately after watching a social media video. What’s more, most marketers have voted video as the type of content that gets the best ROI for social media marketing efforts.

Don’t have the team or resources to create in-house videos? That’s fine! There are hundreds of online video makers and the occasional dedicated digital marketing company that you can outsource to. You can also check out some neat online video makers. Promo.com, for instance, lets you easily create promotional videos for your company.

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5. Sponsor Social Media Contests

One surefire way to get your audience engaged is to sponsor social media contests. Just like you, people want to get their name out there. They get giddy when they’re mentioned.

Hosting contests like Instagram Photo Contests or “Caption This!” contests with the promise of a mention and a freebie is a great marketing strategy to use when you want new content and you want to up your engagement. They’re also relatively easy to organize, since the social platform will be handling most of the work. What’s more, submissions can easily turn into reusable UGCs (user-generated content).

Every business, whether it’s an established local brand or even a digital marketing company, may struggle to find a new, never-before-seen way to attract new customers. Hopefully, this list has inspired you to try a couple not-so-common marketing strategies that could potentially pay off.