5 Benefits of Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency


In the last decade or so, inbound marketing has proven to be a highly efficient and cost-effective form of marketing, especially compared to outbound methods. According to Hubspot, businesses that implemented primarily outbound forms of marketing spent an average of $346 per lead, whereas an inbound marketing agency implemented methods that could bring the average cost-per-lead down to $135.

If the difference is significant enough for you to want to give inbound marketing a try, you should start off with hiring an inbound marketing agency to handle it—even if you already have an existing in-house marketing team. And as the title of this post has already suggested, here are five reasons why:

Time for Growth and Expansion

One of the primary benefits of hiring and working with an inbound marketing agency is the extra time it affords you. As a business owner, you want to focus on growing, expanding, and improving your business. You can’t do this if your attention is split between several different departments—more so if those departments aren’t even what you like or are good at doing.

Marketing is important, definitely, but it’s not always the best thing to have your entire team focus on.

(I know—shocking, right?)

More to the point, It’s not the only aspect of business that can grow your business. And if you don’t possess prior knowledge or experience in the field, you’re going to have a lot of trouble navigating it.

By hiring an inbound marketing agency, you take a huge chunk of the burden off of you and your team. The agency can (and will) handle all of the planning, implementing, analyzing, and adjusting needed to create a marketing strategy—or strategies—that will best meet your marketing objectives. This leaves you with more time, energy, and resources to focus on your actual areas of expertise.

Access to Invaluable Experience and Expertise

inbound marketingWhen you hire an inbound marketing agency, you’re essentially hiring a team of seasoned experts with their own extensive set of skills. These are the kind of people you want to hire for your own in-house marketing team but don’t have the time, reputation, or resources to recruit.

You also probably don’t have the existing space or manpower to invest in their continued development.

See, internet marketing is a rapidly changing field, which means that the tools, techniques, and technologies used to get the best possible results evolve just as quickly. If you want these experts to stay experts, they need to remain updated and educated. They need to stay abreast of new marketing developments and innovations.

Again, something your business might not have the extra time or resources for.

If you choose to hire an inbound marketing agency, you get the full benefit of expert marketers who a.) specialize in specific areas of internet marketing, and b.) are able to continuously improve their technical knowledge and skills in their area of expertise.

Not only will they know the latest techniques and tactics to improve your strategy, they’ll also be able to effectively implement said techniques into your campaigns. Hence, you’re not just outsourcing labor—you’re outsourcing professional proficiency.

Access to More Resources

Inbound marketing is a complex structure of responsibilities requiring an extensive set of disciplines. In fact, the term ‘marketer’ itself is quite broad, and the details of the job description tend to vary depending on the industry or niche.

It’s generally understood that a marketer or marketing executive should be able to successfully promote a brand to their intended target market, effectively boosting lead generation, lead conversion, and sales by improving brand trust and recognition.

How they achieve that is entirely up to the specific strategies they create and implement. However, said strategies can’t be executed without a fully-trained team of professional copywriters, social media masters, SEO experts, web designers, web developers, data enthusiasts, and graphic artists.

Imagine trying to hire all these people for your own in-house team.

We’re not saying it’s impossible. We’re saying it’s going to take time. It’s also going to take a significant amount of energy and resources, which is why most businesses build up their own marketing team gradually. By working with a full-service inbound marketing agency, you get access to all of the aforementioned professionals and their resources instantlywhich is extremely advantageous if you’re pressed for time.

Cost-Effective, More Savings Over Time

And speaking of time, working continuously with an inbound marketing agency can prove to be more cost-effective—especially for long-term relationships.

Depending on their pricing structure, you would end up paying for their services either once a month or on a per-project basis. Regardless, if you add up the accumulated costs for hiring an agency versus maintaining your own in-house team, more often than not you’ll find you save more when you stick to the first option.

Here’s why:

As we mentioned earlier, a full marketing team requires several professionals. You’re looking at roughly five or six positions to fill, which means five or six extra employees to add to your payroll (salary plus benefits). You’ll also need to fund the supplies and resources they need to perform their roles—i.e. computers, programs, applications, modules, cameras and other video production equipment, and so on.

Make no mistake; the tools and tech will factor in your total overheads per month.

Again, you also need to make sure your people stay up-to-date on the latest developments regarding their specialization. This means paying for training modules, possible seminars or webinars, and updates for the programs or applications they’re using. This may be just once or twice a year, but those costs will add up.

And don’t get me started on what your accounting/finance team will have to go through tracking and recording all these payments.

Comparatively, when hiring a marketing agency, you pay a fixed cost every month or every six months (depending on your contract). If there are any additional services that will accrue additional fees, you can discuss these beforehand with the agency. Other than that, nothing else falls under your responsibility. Nothing else needs your funding, your approval, or your credit card.

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Reduced Risk

Let’s say there’s an electric outlet in your apartment that stopped working. Assuming you’re not an electrician, do you risk fiddling with the wires yourself, or would you rather wait for the professional with the rubber gloves to do it?

Same thing with marketing; it’s not so much the money as it is the risk involved. If you don’t know anything about electricity, why risk the injury?

If this is your first time putting together a marketing team, expect a significant learning curve. Not only will you have to integrate a new group of people to your company culture, you’ll have to learn how to manage said group of people. That means answering their questions (or redirecting them to the people who can actually answer them), proofreading their work, directing their creative process, and coming up with contingencies in the case of failures, absences, or fall-outs.

Now, marketing agencies aren’t perfect. They will make mistakes. However, as the client, the responsibility to fix it will never fall on you. If their web design doesn’t meet your expectations or the video they create for you doesn’t hit the agreed-upon parameters, you don’t need to worry about how to correct it; you just need to wait a few extra business days for the new, improved product.

These five reasons barely scratch the surface of what a strong, experienced, professional inbound marketing agency can do for you and your business. Once you find the best fit for your business, the chances of you ever using another marketing option are very, very slim.