4 Ways Your Website Design Influences Your Marketing

4 Ways Your Website Design Influences Your Marketing

Website design is extremely important if you want to make a great first impression on your customers. From the layout down to the choice of colors, your website should always look on point for several reasons—the primary of which is that it can significantly impact your marketing.

As a business owner, you need to constantly improve your online presence. Choosing a great design for your website is arguably one of the best ways to do that. How so? Because most people are very visual and tend to make snap judgments based on what they see.

If your website looks fabulous, they’re already impressed.

Ideally, once you’ve caught their attention, the next goal should be to encourage them to reach out to you. Making sure your website is extremely user-friendly and can easily be navigated greatly improves your chances.

That being said, check out these four ways website design can greatly affect your marketing efforts.

1. Better Understanding

You want to tell people your message. Text is the best way to go about it, right?


Most people find huge chunks of text unappealing. It’s good for details and clarifications, but relying on text alone to relay your message could achieve the opposite of your desired effect.

Remember that not everyone learns the same way. Some prefer watching videos. Others are kinesthetic, and therefore love interactive media. And you have your rare few auditory learners who prefer podcasts and eBooks over whitepapers and infographics.

By ensuring a good amount of variation to your website design by including different forms of content, you appeal to a larger group of people. Placing a short company culture video on your About Us page, alongside your text, captures the people who prefer watching an introduction rather than reading it.

Don’t go overboard, though! Littering your page with different forms of content can be just as damaging. Balance is always key.

2. Accessibility

4 Ways Your Website Design Influences Your Marketing1

What are your primary channels for distributing content? Emails? Social media? Your own website?

Ideally, it should be a mix of all three. However, we understand that sometimes in marketing, specialization is more effective than generalization. Regardless, if you’re releasing content through your website (even if it’s not your main distribution channel), you need to make sure it’s easily accessible. Emphasis on easily. The average consumer won’t go the extra mile for a brand they don’t know. Therefore, it’s up you—and, more specifically, your website—to close that gap.

As we mentioned earlier, your website design should be optimized for ease of access. It should be so user-friendly, newcomers can immediately navigate from page to page looking for the information they need. If the landing page looks intimidating or complicated, people won’t stick around to find what content you can offer them.

Our tip? Try incorporating a sticky menu. This way, the menu bar remains on top of the page even as the visitor scrolls down and around the site. This saves them from having to scroll all the way back up to visit another page.

3. Impressions

In terms of how your website should look, always aim for visually attractive yet text-book professional. After all, your website design represents your brand and your company as a whole. You want to be welcoming, but not too friendly. Design-wise, you can be adventurous with colors. Just make sure they’re always complementing and well-coordinated.

Think about it; no one likes scrolling through a website with a bad layout and clashing colors, right? You need to get leads to your website if you want to convert them, but no matter how much someone loves your YouTube or Facebook videos, they won’t bother visiting our website again if their first appearance of it was something less than flattering.

The appearance of your website will tell your audience if you are a reliable resource, so make sure you get it right.

4. Readability

Is your content all over the place? Is everything on your website unorganized? Then you may need professional help. Your focus should be on conveying the right message as clearly and concisely as possible. This means getting your text and font visually appealing so more people will be willing to read the message of your company.

Because it covers a lot of bases, website design is not always the easiest task to handle on your own. If you need help, then we invite you to reach out. At Leads Ngin, we have experts who can take care of all your website design needs. Our highly-skilled team is always ready to work with you to create an awesome, custom-designed website that will meet all of your needs.

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