3 Internet Marketing Automation Tools You HAVE to Try in 2019

3 Internet Marketing Automation Tools You HAVE to Try in 2019

In 2018, about 55% of marketing decision-makers decided to increase their budget for marketing tech by at least 10 percent. This means that they saw internet marketing tools as a worthwhile investment.

It’s now 2019, and internet marketing has yet to prove this decision wrong. It continues to establish itself as arguably the best form of marketing to suit most businesses of any size and industry.

However, manually running marketing campaigns—and tracking them—isn’t easy. Which is why automation plays a huge role in a digital marketer’s system. If you aren’t using internet marketing automation software yet, these four platforms might change your mind.


HUBSPOT: Inbound Marketing

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Arguably one of the best internet marketing automation tools of all time, HubSpot has redefined digital marketing services. Aside from being a pretty sweet source of valuable content for online marketers, it also happens to be a comprehensive marketing automation software that offers a wide variety of free tools that can turn outbound strategies—like cold calls and spam emails—into effective inbound marketing solutions.

For the more digital marketing agency, there are three tiers for the paid options that range from $50 a month to $3,200 a month. Some features under the paid tiers include email marketing lists, mobile optimization A/B testing, custom reporting, and YouTube integration.

What Sets HUBSPOT Apart?

Innovative and friendly to small and medium-sized businesses, HubSpot’s free account gives enough goodies for any startup to manage a decently extensive internet marketing campaign.

Aside from CRM and service hubs, you also get content and ad management, contact activity and insight, and all-inclusive sales analytics with a free account. These can no doubt help with email blasting, traditional advertising, and other inbound marketing approaches.

SHARPSPRING: All-In-One Marketing Automation

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Founded by Rick Carlson, a self-described sales and marketing guy, SharpSpring is the result of his team’s decision to look at their internet marketing analytics in a different way. This led to them developing a different approach to tracking results, and ultimately to the building of SharpSpring, to make the solution available to other business owners.

SharpSpring offers month-to-month plans that even small businesses can afford, ranging from $450 per month for 1500 contacts to $875 per month for 20,000 contacts. Meanwhile, agencies and enterprises have access to special, customizable plans. No matter what plan you choose, you get access to behavior-based email, campaign tracking, SharpSpring’s blog builder, CRM and sales automation, their dynamic form builder, and more.

What sets SHARPSPRING apart?

This solution is a low-cost, high-value marketing automation tool that lets users see how it’s paying for yourself as it’s in use.

As the brainchild of someone who’s been in the SMB world for a while, it makes it easy for business owners to get the marketing automation they need, from landing pages built to convert, to behavior-based email marketing that’ll help one keep in touch with customers. Plus, business owners can see where they’re getting the best return on their marketing dollars, without spending a small fortune.


DRIP: Email Marketing Automation

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DRIP is a marketing automation tool that prefaces itself as an open platform that pretty much jives with any internet marketing strategy you can think of. However, its offers are tailored more towards e-commerce marketing and its strength is, undoubtedly, email marketing services.

It offers quite an extensive set of multichannel automated marketing tools such as email builders and mass email marketing campaigns on top of content customization and segmentation.

A free account gives you unlimited emails—which is pretty sweet—and lets you handle up to one hundred (100) subscribers. There are three tiers for the paid account that let you expand the subscriber count up to 5,000.

What Sets DRIP Apart?

There are other internet marketing platforms with roughly the same focus and features, but Drip’s personalization and tracking options are incredibly robust. As a marketer, these options can help you deliver content with more relevance to your audience.


SENDINBLUE: Beginner-Friendly Automation

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For the digital marketing agency or small business that’s just getting started, SendinBlue is an excellent internet marketing automation platform that is simple, straightforward, and incredibly user-friendly. It guides users through the process of building and customizing automation workflows—which is perfect if you’re new (or even fairly new) to the automation game.

SendinBlue also offers existing framework for lead generation and email marketing processes. Regarding customization and personalization, it offers just enough options to make your campaigns more intuitive and market-based.

With a free account, you get unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails per day. You also get access to advanced contact manager and sign-up forms. As far as support goes, they have a pretty good phone and email support system in place.

There are four tiers under the paid option. These raise the monthly email limit up to 350,000, so if you rely heavily on email marketing, you might want to consider getting paid access.

What Sets SENDINBLUE Apart?

We know internet marketing can be pretty intimidating from a beginner’s standpoint. SendinBlue’s clean, responsive, and user-friendly UI makes it one of the best options for newer marketers.

Their free option also has a lot of decent features that can help you run a few small-scale automations to get you started: real-time reporting, API access, 300 emails a day, performance monitoring, and unlimited access, just to name a few.

Other Platforms Worth Noting …

Of course, we’re not going to limit your campaigns to these three platforms. They are, by far, some of the top performing tools in 2019, and we highly recommend them. But if you want to explore all options, there are a couple other special mentions worth checking out:

  • Infusionsoft
  • Mailchimp
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • LeadSquared
  • Marketo

These five other platforms all have their strengths, weaknesses, and unique features that might make them better suited to your needs. It’s all about finding your rhythm and figuring out which automation tool works for your internet marketing campaigns.