[Infographic] 28 Digital Marketing Statistics You Must See in 2019


“The numbers don’t lie.”

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you know this to be true. Figures and statistics are very important to have, and you depend on their accuracy to guide your campaigns and strategies. A strategy without numbers to back it up is almost certainly doomed to fail.

That being said, we’ve rounded up 28 sweet digital marketing statistics you need to see. These will help guide your marketing strategy for 2019.

Search Engine Optimization Statistics 2019


  1. According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiencesbegin with a search engine.


  1. Want to know the most popular search engine? According to NetMarketShare, Google wears the crown. As of June 2018, 47% of all global search traffic(desktop) was conducted using Google. Baidu came in second with 13.47% of the traffic and Bing at third with 7.64%.


  1. In fact, 44% of all website trafficreferrals comes from Google.


  1. Statistics list 46% of all searchesas ones seeking local information.


  1. A 2018 local consumer surveydone by BrightLocal further tells us that 27% of consumers conducted a search for local business information every day.


  1. But when it comes to general Google searches, experts are almost certain that over 2 trillion searchesare conducted every year. Why?


  1. Because in 2012, Google reported that they hit 2 trillion searches per year. It’s been almost seven years since then—that number has almost definitely increased.


  1. In terms of monthly searches, Google estimates anywhere between 40 billion to 60 billion searchesare done each month.


  1. 58% of searchesare done on mobile devices.


  1. How important is it that your website appears on the first SERP (search engine results page)? Pretty important, as Forbestells us 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results.


  1. Also, did you know that nearly 80% of usersfocus primarily on organic results and completely ignore paid ads?

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  1. As of April 2019, Statista has reported approximately 4 billion people worldwide have active social media accounts.


  1. On average, they spend about 135 minutes a dayon social media.


  1. In the S. alone, around 77% of the populationowns at least one active social media profile.


  1. What’s the most popular social media platform? Smart Insight’s Global Social Media Research Summary 2019lists Facebook as the most popular social network of all time, based on minutes spent on it versus three other social network platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat).


  1. As of October 2018, Facebook has reported a little over 2 billion active users.


  1. But despite Facebook being the most popular platform, Instagram has its own claim to fame. According to Merkle, Instagram ad spend is 23% higherthan Facebook.


  1. Every day, more than 100 million photos and videosare uploaded to Instagram, and SproutSocial reports that more than 2 billion likes occur on the same platform daily.


  1. Twitter, on the other hand, may not be number one, but it still has a solid 326 million monthly active users.

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  1. According to Infront Webworks, you can prevent the loss of 7% of possible conversions if you simply increase your website loading speed. Which you definitely need to do, because…


  1. … it takes about 05 seconds(or 50 milliseconds) for the average internet user to form an opinion about your website. This opinion will determine whether or not they like your website enough to stay on it.


  1. But it’s not all about loading speed. You need to pay attention to the design too, because according to Blue Corona, 48% of peopleuse the website’s design to determine the credibility of the business.


  1. Aside from the design, information displayedis also a crucial factor. 44% of internet users will leave a company’s website if they cannot easily find contact information.


  1. What’s more, 88% of online consumersare less likely to return to a website that gave them a bad user experience.


  1. And don’t forget about mobile optimization. Comscorestates that two out of every three minutes users spend online are on mobile devices.


  1. Infront Webworkstells us that 72% of people want mobile-friendly websites, and…


  1. … according to SocPub, 57% of internet userswill not recommend a business that has a poorly designed mobile website.


  1. Furthermore, 40% of online userswill go back to the SERP and choose a different search result if the original website they visited (due to a search engine query) isn’t mobile-friendly.

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The takeaways? There are certainly a lot. But to sum it up, 1) SEO is still as important as ever, 2) social media marketing is worth dabbling in, and 3) do not disregard your website’s design and mobile-friendliness.